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The United States is a vast and diverse country, but if you know someone with a hankering to discover its huge variety of landscapes, towns, cities, adventures, and activities a Tinggly USA experience gift is the perfect vehicle.

Tinggly has created a unique selection of USA experience gifts - loaded with hundreds of amazing activities - for you to give and allow the recipient to choose one that fits their travel plans and preferences. A Tinggly experience gift box acts as the ultimate USA experience gift card, you give the choice and the receiver picks the adventure they want to have.

Discover New York

299 $
(9,840) 4.2
Handpicked experiences
NY city and the rest of the state
Experiences for 1 and 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics


239 $
(198,009) 4.6
590+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 1 and 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Premium Collection

129 $
(294,212) 4.6
580+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 1 and 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Getaway - 2 Days in 100 Capitals

189 $
(3,551,379) 4.6
2000+ hotels
100+ capitals
1 night stay for 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Ultimate Collection

299 $
(302,580) 4.6
800+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 1 and 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Getaway - 3 Days in 100 Capitals

359 $
(6,601,203) 4.6
2000+ hotels
100+ capitals
2 night stay for 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Dream Wedding

299 $
(177,312) 4.7
450+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Tinggly gift reviews 4.9 (3268)

August 2020

Excellent gift choice for any occasion. I love that in addition to having a great service and experience, they also care about environment. Highly recommend!

Ryan and Katy Smilko
July 2020

We did a hot air balloon tour through Tinggly and the experience was absolutely lovely. The tour itself was cancelled twice, first because of COVID19, and the sec...ond because of poor weather conditions. And in both situations, Tinggly was beyond accommodating and flexible with us in getting the experience rebooked and scheduled for our convenience. The balloon tour was absolutely incredible and we'd probably leave separate feedback for the operator, but all in all, we are incredibly happy and pleased with the experience and will absolutely do more experiences through Tinggly likely do more balloon tours because as well!Read moreRead less

July 2020

What an amazing gift! Unique design and a perfect variety of choices how to spend it. I am a big fan! Give stories, not stuff!

1 2 ... 1090

Uncover an entire country with a Tinggly USA experience gift

From the bustling streets of New York to the vast prairies of the midwest, and from the adventure and beauty of Hawaii to the Alaskan outback, a Tinggly USA experience gift box is the key to the whole country.

Tinggly has searched the entire country for the most amazing experiences, designed for people who love to travel and make great new discoveries about the destination, and about themselves. From thousands of activities, adventures, culinary discoveries, and cultural interactions, Tinggly has hand-selected the best and compiled them into a collection of inspiring USA experience gift boxes.

With a large choice of experience gift boxes, Tinggly is the perfect present for any occasion to show your appreciation in the most unique and special way.

Crammed into the Tinggly USA experience gift box are hundreds of exciting and awe-inspiring experiences across hundreds of locations. Whether the recipient is visiting from overseas, or hell-bent on discovering the land they call home, there’s something in every Tinggly experience gift box to suit their personality.

From spectacular canyons and soaring mountains to exotic sun-washed beaches and cities that refuse to sleep, the USA is a gift in itself. Now, by giving a Tinggly USA experience gift box your gesture will give someone the key to every American state, county, city, town, and village.

Give someone the gift of new and life-enhancing experiences, new discoveries, new travels, new memories to treasure, and new stories to regale time and time again. A Tinggly USA experience gift box is the ideal gift for anyone with discovery on their mind.

Giving a Tinggly USA experience gift couldn’t be easier

Choosing the right gift for the right person can be problematic. But if the person you're gifting to is a lover of travel, discovery, and adventure a Tinggly American experience gift can solve the problem instantly.

Tinggly has created and hand-picked a number of super experience gift boxes - you can read about what’s inside further down - bursting with the best USA experiences available.

To give your amazing USA experience gift it couldn’t be easier:

  • Choose the one USA Experience gift box that suits the occasion, and your budget
  • Include a personalized note for the special occasion
  • Choose how you want it delivered - 1) Electronically - that means Instantly, anywhere in the world with a Tinggly experience gift card, or 2) Traditional delivery - your Tinggly experience gift box will arrive at the recipient’s home, place of work, or wherever you’ve chosen wrapped in a beautiful Tinggly presentation box.
  • Wait for the recipient to indulge in their unique experience and listen to the stories that come with such a life-enhancing and thoughtful gift.
  • Tinggly experience gifts come with NO expiry date, so you can give an experience for them to look forward to any time.
  • And, finally, Tinggly experience gifts are sustainable and kind to the planet.
  • It couldn’t be easier.

Now that you know how easy it is to give a Tinggly USA experience gift across the miles instantly, you’ll want to know exactly what’s inside (You might even want one for yourself).

Like we keep on saying - sorry, but we can’t emphasize it enough - Tinggly USA experience gifts really do have something to suit every taste.

Adventure lovers, adrenaline junkies, people who love the great outdoors, food and wine lovers, city slickers who adore vibrant nightlife and bustling city streets, escapists who dream of unspoiled places, beach, and sea lovers, culture vultures, they’ll all find something to fill them with excitement and longing inside every Tinggly experience gift box.

Inside a Tinggly USA experience gift box

From Florida to Nebraska, California to Alaska Tinggly has scoured the American states to find the best USA experience gifts for someone special to fall in love with.

Each USA experience gift box contains hundreds of experiences across the country for the gift recipient to choose the one that matches their travel or holiday plans or, lets them organize their trip around the one experience they choose.

Do you know someone who would love one of these great experiences?

  • California - Spend a full day discovering the sights and stories of Death Valley
  • Nevada - Follow the tumbleweeds as you explore a genuine Nevada ghost town
  • Washington DC - Take a VIP tour of Capitol Building and the National Archives
  • Arizona - Desert and water tour on the Apache Trail in the Sonoran Desert and Canyon Lake
  • Hawaii - Take a spectacular kayak tour - for two - in the waters around The Big Island
  • Rhode Island - Jump on board a yacht for an unforgettable sailing experience
  • New York - Take the ultimate hop-on-hop-off tour of the Big Apple
  • Colorado - Experience a grape and wine tour in the vineyards of Colorado
  • Washington - Explore the beauty of Washington State with a mountain bike tour
  • Alaska - Enjoy an authentic gold panning and salmon bake experience in Juno
  • Florida - Discover the wild side of Florida with a thrilling shark and wildlife tour
  • Illinois - See the sights of Chicago from the sky with an exhilarating helicopter tour

And that’s just for starters. There are hundreds of unique and unforgettable experiences for every USA experience gift recipient to choose the one adventure that suits them and their plans.

A Tinggly USA experience gift is kind to the planet too

At Tinggly we firmly believe in doing no harm to the planet and the environment. That’s why we’ve implemented the following measures.

We guarantee to remove 33lbs (15kgs) of plastic from the environment for every Tinggly gift sold.
Whether they choose a supercar driving experience or a helicopter flight, tinggly will calculate and offset any carbon footprint by 200%

All Tinggly gift boxes are made from 100% recycled/recyclable materials using planet-friendly inks
We continuously strive to improve our business model and be kinder and more considerate to the planet and all who call it home.

A Tinggly USA experience gift is not only the perfect gift for the recipient, but it’s perfect for the environment too, so you can give with a clear conscience.

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