Tinggly - Gifts with a positive impact

Our mission is to change the culture of gifting. We want to bring happiness by reducing the amount of material things cluttering people’s lives.

Hence our slogan: Give stories, not stuff.

We love the planet as much as you do. That's why we are committed to taking care of the environment in every way we can. Below you will find a number of ways we’re actively trying to change the planet.

  1. Investing in human happiness
  2. Using only eco-friendly materials
  3. Removing polluting plastics for every gift sold (2018-2021)
  4. Planting trees for every gift sold (2021 onwards)
  5. Installing Tinggly Trash Traps in Bali
  6. Offsetting experience-generated CO2 by 200%
  7. Offsetting worldwide delivery carbon footprint 
  8. Being a carbon positive company
  9. And there’s more

#1 Increasing human happiness

First up, we want to bring happiness to as many people as possible. The great thing about giving experience gifts is that it is scientifically proven to make people happier than when they receive material possessions.

You can read more about scientifically proven benefits on our Science page here.

#2 Using only eco-friendly materials

Some people still like the tradition of handing over a physical gift for whatever occasion they’ve chosen to remember. That’s why Tinggly has created a beautifully designed box for these precious moments to enhance the gifting experience.

  However, in 2019 we took the inevitable step to make sure that all the physical materials we produce are sustainable and planet-friendly. We are now proud to say that all of our gift boxes are created from fully recycled and/or recyclable - materials, they are printed with eco-friendly inks, and because of that, they are fully biodegradable.

In the process, we lost some really neat design features, and we’re a little sorry about that. But, we think it’s a small price to pay for being part of a future dedicated to making the planet a better, and cleaner place.


#3 Removing polluting plastics for every gift sold (2018-2021)

In the past when someone purchased a physical Tinggly gift box it required the use of 0.66lbs (0.3kg) of raw materials; the actual gift box, the brochure, and the voucher. We realized that this wasn’t environmentally sustainable and something needed to be done.

We wanted to counteract our impact while encouraging others to do the same. It was time to make a change for the better. Here’s how we did it.

For every Tinggly gift purchased, Tinggly removed 11lbs (5kg) of polluting plastics from the planet’s oceans, rivers, and lakes - that’s almost 220 toxic plastic bottles! 

And that’s good news for you. When you buy a Tinggly gift box, you’re not just having a zero impact but a positive impact - and that applies to Tinggly e-Vouchers too. Check our latest plastic removal certificate for 2021 here.

What happens to this plastic?

From 2018 to 2021 we partnered with Plastic Bank. This great partnership ensured that plastic is physically removed from the environment, recycled, and reused in what’s known as a closed-loop system - meaning the plastic in circulation is continuously reused and recycled. And another bonus, Plastic Bank provides employment for people in low-income and impoverished communities right around the world.

Check out more at Plastic bank page and see what they can do for you.

#4 Planting trees for every gift sold (2021 onwards)

Since 2022 Tinggly has partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project to produce, plant, and protect trees, thereby creating jobs to support local communities in restoring their local environment and economy long-term.

When you buy a Tinggly gift box, at least 1% of your gift price goes to the Eden Reforestation Project to plant and protect trees in Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal, Kenya and elsewhere. That's up to 40 trees per gift!

Why Eden?

The Project was founded in 2004. Since then they employed thousands of local villagers and provided them with the education and tools necessary to plant, grow, and protect to maturity, millions of trees each year. The Eden Project keeps it simple, so the system can be easily replicated and implemented by people who don’t have many resources and must deal with treacherous roads, unreliable electricity, and spotty internet. Eden currently plants approximately 15 million additional trees a month, and in 2020 reached over 423 million trees planted.

Check out more on the Eden Project page and see what they can do for you.

#5 Installing Tinggly Trash Traps in Bali

With our slogan, Give stories, not stuff, we wanted to go above and beyond making sense of this concept. That’s why our crazy team of enthusiasts in 2019 made a trip to Bali - one of the planet’s biggest tourist destinations - in order to create a story for the whole planet.

Their mission was to install plastic trash-traps in the Island’s rivers, thus, helping to stop harmful and polluting plastics from entering the ocean in the first place. You can find more information about our Trash Traps here.

#6 Offsetting experience generated CO2 by 200%

When people physically enjoy a Tinggly experience they have an impact on the planet. To ensure that every person who enjoys that experience, can do so with a clear conscience, we’ve ensured that the impact is not just minimized, but completely reversed. We don’t just offset any carbon negative impact by 100%, we offset that impact by a whopping 200% for each and every experience booked (offset study made by Katalista Ventures, later Planet Positive ventures).

In 2018 and 2019 we did it through our partner who invest in renewable carbon capture technologies. From 2020 we offset through United Nations carbon offset platform (see certificate). Whether you take a helicopter ride over a rainforest or a couple of laps in a high-performance racecar, you’re actually having a positive impact on the environment. That’s good, right?

We cater for globetrotting individuals with a taste for adventure and a love of the planet.

#7 Offsetting worldwide delivery carbon footprint

Our Tinggly gift collections are delivered right around the world, that’s got to have some impact on the planet, right?

But, thanks to our transport partners - like DHL for example - all of our happy customers receive their gifts just in time, and now with zero environmental impact and a clear conscience.

We work with DHL to offset our transport carbon footprint so you can feel good about your gift, and about the planet. You can read more about the DHL Go Green program here.

#8 Being a carbon positive company

Like it or not, we have an impact on this beautiful planet with everything we do. In our office, we consume heat, light, power, water, data storage and we often drive to and from work. We even have the tough job of flying around the world to test out so many cool experiences for you to enjoy.

We believe in making a difference. And we want to make a difference bigger than ourselves - therefore we offset our carbon footprint by 200%! This means that for every kilo of carbon we put into the atmosphere we take out 2 kilos (offset study made by Katalista Ventures, later Planet Positive ventures). 

So how does this work?

In 2018 and 2019 we worked with ClimateCare, a UK certified company to remove carbon. Since 2020 we offset through United Nations carbon offset platform. They do wonderful things like plant trees (yes, those incredible machines that actually take our CO2 and give us oxygen) & invest in renewable energy sources.


#9 Feeling good about even more stuff...

  • We participated in the river clean-up initiative ‘Let’s Do It’ and other eco-initiatives
  • We recycle as much as possible in our offices.
  • Team Tinggly don't use plastic cups at work.
  • A part of the team travels to work by foot, bicycle or electric scooters.
  • And we’ve got so many more cool projects in the pipeline.

Finally, to top it all off, we’re proud to say that Tinggly was featured in the prestigious Harvard Business Review in 2019 as a purpose-driven company.
You can read all about it here:

One more thing, could we ask for your help?

We can guarantee that every interaction you have with Tinggly is not just having a neutral impact on the planet but a POSITIVE one. Now we’d like to ask that when you have a purchase to make, spread the love and support the companies making a positive impact on the environment.

Thanks for supporting us to make a positive change in the world.
Team Tinggly 

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