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From Amsterdam canal rides to one of the world’s most spectacular flower festivals, The Netherlands has so much to offer as a travel and tourism destination. Although a small country, the Netherlands offers a whole host of sights, tastes, and activities to suit every travel taste. If you know someone about to embark on a tour of Europe Tinggly has hand-selected a whole range of Netherlands experience gifts which they’ve included as part of their incredible experience gift box range. With great public transport options, the whole country is easily accessible and puts every great experience at the fingertips of any modern-day explorer, holiday-maker, or traveler.

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December 2021

We did the Sting Ray/Beach Day experience while on a Royal Caribbean cruise. We have been to Nassau many times, but never to Blue Lagoon. We will not be back! ...The Sting Ray experience was very disturbing as the animals clearly did not want to participate. My daughter, who is an animal lover and actually pick this outing, was in tears by the time we left. We were shocked on how these animals were made to perform for the visitors. There were several dolphins, some in wired cages, that were visibly unhappy and trying to escape. The poor treatment of the animals was our biggest take-away. But, the rest on the lagoon is no different - just an overpriced tourist attraction that abuses animals.Read moreRead less

Leslie Arnott
November 2021

Great experience. Very knowledgeable tour guide. Would recommend. We learned so much more than if we did it without a guide.

Gopalan P
November 2021

Started late, turned the ferry ride into a speedboat ride and captain lead-foot tossed us about in the choppy waters like a salad causing a little girl and her da...d to literally fly off the boat- luckily the crashed back a couple feet from where they were sitting. Another elderly gentleman also was also sent for a toss and his wife was mad at everyone. Once on the island (which quickly turned into a synonym of earth - scant space, overpopulation due to cruise passengers longing for land) we had to literally wait out the cruise visitors to finally get into the water. Once we did though, we were finally able to enjoy the beautiful water and powdery white sand and appreciate the multicolored water-scape. The dolphin and shark swims were great and the enthusiasm of the trainers and guides was unmatched. A bad start turned into a good one and we left the island not feeling as miserable as we did when we got there.Read moreRead less

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Explore the Netherlands with a Tinggly Gift Box

A trip through Europe sits in pole-position at the top of many people’s bucket lists. From Rome to Riga, Barcelona to Brugges, or Athens to Amsterdam the continent is full of amazing discoveries. One of those great discoveries is the compact quaintness of the Netherlands (as a matter of interest the name Holland only refers to a small part of the entire country). Historically, when the Netherlands is mentioned, most people think of tulips, wooden clogs, sea walls, and cheese, but there’s an awful lot more to this awesome little country that once ruled the world’s oceans and commanded its trade routes.

Tinggly, at the evolution of the gift-giving process, has crammed a selection of their ground-breaking experience gift boxes with some amazing things to do from Amsterdam to Giethoorn.

If you need a gift for someone visiting Europe, whether for the first time, as a regular visitor, or as a retirement gift, a Tinggly experience gift box featuring the Netherlands is sure to add value to their entire adventure. You give the gift box - loaded with a selection of amazing hand-picked adventures and experiences from the Netherlands, and further afield - and the recipient chooses the one experience that suits them most.

Adventures and hidden discoveries

Tinggly has specially created 5 great gift collections to help enhance any trip to Europe - ‘Time Together’ (a collection designed specifically for couples), ‘Euro Trip’, ‘Key to Europe’, 'Getaway - 2 Days in 100 Capitals' and the 'Getaway - 3 Days in 100 Capitals'  collection.

Inside every Tinggly gift collection, you’ll find hundreds of great experiences letting the recipient choose the one that suits their own personal preferences and match closely with their travel plans. With these three great featured gift collections, we’ve made a point of highlighting the great activities available in the Netherlands.
When people choose to give a Tinggly collection as a birthday, anniversary, travel, or retirement gift the Netherlands always features highly in the reviews we receive. Tinggly gift recipients are continuously raving about their time in this incredible pocket of Europe.

So what can you do in the Netherlands? Get to know the other side of Amsterdam with a delectable candlelight cruise for two, or how about an evening cocktail cruise through the city’s quaint canals? Or, experience the other side of the country with a couple’s trip to Volendam, Marken, and the famed windmills of the Netherlands.

If you happen to be a little more adventurous you can try a flyboard or jetpack experience, or how about a Dutch countryside sunset canoe trip, or if you’re really adventurous you can give your body a shot of adrenalin with the Scheveningen bungee jump. Or, if you enjoy your adventures on two wheels there’s always Europe’s first indoor bike park.

For culture-lovers take the Dutch masters and marvels, or a hidden art and culture tour. And speaking of hidden gems why not take an adventure of discovery with the Amsterdam hidden secrets tour.

Tinggly is good for the planet too

At Tinggly we get asked one question quite a lot - “Are Tinggly experiences affecting the planet and the environment in any way?” We’re proud to respond with a very loud NO. You see, at Tinggly being kind to the planet is not just an add-on to our business model but an integral part of everything we do.

That’s why for every Tinggly experience redeemed - it doesn’t matter if that experience is exhaust emptying supercar spin around a racetrack or a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon - Tinggly will offset the carbon footprint by a massive 200%. Plus, for every experience which is undertaken Tinggly guarantee to remove 33lbs (that’s 15kg or 660 plastic bottles) of plastics from the environment. And as part of continuous efforts to curb our environmental impact we can promise that all Tinggly gift packaging is made from 100% recycled/recyclable materials and planet-friendly inks.

Every day we continue to discover new ways in which we can be kind to the planet and create environmentally-conscious communities around the world. A Tinggly gift is not just a great gift to give a family member, friend, colleague, or client, it’s a great gift for the planet too.

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