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Maybe you know someone planning to visit Sweden or about to undertake a tour of Europe, if so a Tinggly Sweden Experience gift box might be right up their street. Tinggly has compiled a collection of some of Europe’s and Sweden’s best experience gifts for everyone to enjoy as part of their journey to one of the world’s most amazing countries.

From Malmo in the south the whole way north to the frozen beauty of the Arctic circle Sweden is a land of boundless experiences and possibilities. The Tinggly Sweden experience gift boxes include some of these great experiences hand-picked for the recipient to enjoy.

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September 2022

Cher was so knowledgeable and entertaining. We liked being asked what we wanted to hear about. The stops were awesome. I will bring travelers again on this trip. ... My one suggestion is to have had the windows all cleaned inside and out. Read moreRead less

September 2022

No pude asistir pq tuve un choque y llamé para pedir ayuda para poder cancelar y que me regresaran mi dinero y nadie me ayudo

September 2022

So thrilled that we went with Adrenaline Junkie Tour! They had amazing communication before the tour. We opted for the hotel pick up and drop off, which was an am...azing decision. Air conditioning and not having to worry about an Uber or driving ourself was super nice. The guides were very knowledgeable about the vehicles and how to prep the riders. The tour was really cool, there was a good mix of fast, hilly and going over rocks. They helped with photo ops (and posing you) and provided cold water. They had great communication during the tour checking in with the group to make sure we were good and if anyone needed to go slower or switch drivers. Would recommend them time and time again!Read moreRead less

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Give a traveler a Tinggly Sweden experience gift box

Ask anyone who has visited Sweden for their impressions. There’s a good chance the words, ‘incredible, awesome, breathtaking, and mind-blowing’ will feature somewhere in their answer. That’s why we felt compelled to include some great Scandinavian discoveries, adventures, and activities in our Tinggly Sweden experience gift boxes.

Don’t be surprised that most of the great activities you’ll find in Sweden take place outdoors. When you have a country as delectably stunning as Sweden is, you’ll want to spend most of your time out of doors too.

Whether you choose to hunt the northern lights in the frigid beauty of the Arctic Circle, mush a team of huskies through sparkling snowdrifts, discover the backstreets of Stockholm, or experience the magic of a moonlight safari from the seat of a snowmobile, Sweden will gift you with memories and stories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Plus, giving a present which includes the best Tinggly Sweden experience gifts might just be a great reason for someone embarking on a grand tour of Europe to include Sweden in their itinerary.

Open the door to Europe with a Tinggly Sweden experience gift

Although not always first on the list of holiday and travel destinations, Sweden is one giant adventure playground waiting to be discovered.

When you give the gift of a Tinggly Sweden experience gift, you are giving not just a moment to be lived and enjoyed, but an experience that will outlast the moment long into the future.

And it couldn’t be easier. You choose the Tinggly gift box you want to give and let the recipient choose the one Swedish gift experience they want to add to their travels. Think of a Tinggly experience gift box collection as the ultimate Sweden gift card.

Plus, why a Tinggly Sweden experience gift is a Green gift

Sweden prides itself on its great outdoors, its clean and green environment, along with being one of the world’s last great unspoiled wildernesses. At Tinggly we care for the environment too, not just in words, but in deeds.

  • We remove 33lbs (15kgs) of plastics for every Tinggly Sweden experience gift purchased
  • Regardless of the activity chosen by the recipient we calculate and offset the carbon footprint by a massive 200%
  • Plus, all Tinggly Sweden experience gift box packaging is 100% is made using 100% recycled materials and planet-friendly inks
  • Tinggly gift box collections come with NO expiry date

More great reasons to choose a Tinggly Sweden best experience gift box.

Some facts from Tinggly about Sweden’s best experiences

Did you know that:

  • Forests account for almost two-thirds of Sweden’s landmass
  • There are over 300,00 moose roaming wild in the forests of Sweden
  • Sweden is so efficient at recycling that they even import waste from abroad
  • If you love meatballs you’ll love Sweden
  • Sweden is a safety-conscious country and even introduced the 3-point seat belt
  • Sweden is the third-largest country in Europe but has the lowest population density
  • Swedish band ABBA is the fourth biggest-selling band in the world
  • Stockholm even has a museum dedicated to ABBA, Stockholm’s ABBA Museum
  • There are over a quarter of a million reindeer in Sweden
  • Sweden has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world

There’s a lot to discover in Sweden, and a Tinggly Sweden experience gift is the perfect way to give that gift of discovery to some you care about.

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