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Even the mention of La France conjures up a whole range of images in our heads. The Eiffel Tower, Beaujolais Nouveau, croissants, berets, the Louvre, wine, designer perfumes, high fashion, and great cuisine, are but a few of those images. By giving someone a collection of Tinggly’s France experience gifts you can help them to discover so much more which France has to offer. From Parisian sunset dinner cruises to exploring the city’s catacombs, or from grape stomping in Provence to a wine tasting experience in Nice, there’s something for every taste. If you know someone about to explore Europe on a journey of discovery, whether they’re family, friends, clients, or colleagues a Tinggly experience gift collection is the perfect gift to help enhance their whole experience. You give the gift containing hundreds of incredible experiences and they get to choose the one that suits their personal tastes and travel plans. It’s that simple.

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December 2021

We did the Sting Ray/Beach Day experience while on a Royal Caribbean cruise. We have been to Nassau many times, but never to Blue Lagoon. We will not be back! ...The Sting Ray experience was very disturbing as the animals clearly did not want to participate. My daughter, who is an animal lover and actually pick this outing, was in tears by the time we left. We were shocked on how these animals were made to perform for the visitors. There were several dolphins, some in wired cages, that were visibly unhappy and trying to escape. The poor treatment of the animals was our biggest take-away. But, the rest on the lagoon is no different - just an overpriced tourist attraction that abuses animals.Read moreRead less

Leslie Arnott
November 2021

Great experience. Very knowledgeable tour guide. Would recommend. We learned so much more than if we did it without a guide.

Gopalan P
November 2021

Started late, turned the ferry ride into a speedboat ride and captain lead-foot tossed us about in the choppy waters like a salad causing a little girl and her da...d to literally fly off the boat- luckily the crashed back a couple feet from where they were sitting. Another elderly gentleman also was also sent for a toss and his wife was mad at everyone. Once on the island (which quickly turned into a synonym of earth - scant space, overpopulation due to cruise passengers longing for land) we had to literally wait out the cruise visitors to finally get into the water. Once we did though, we were finally able to enjoy the beautiful water and powdery white sand and appreciate the multicolored water-scape. The dolphin and shark swims were great and the enthusiasm of the trainers and guides was unmatched. A bad start turned into a good one and we left the island not feeling as miserable as we did when we got there.Read moreRead less

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Bonjour France

It’s a little difficult to comprehend, but France receives more international tourism visitors every year than any other country in the world. It seems that at some point in most people’s lives a desire to visit France becomes a priority, plans are made, and bags get packed. Maybe you know someone - a family member, a friend, a business associate, or an employee - who has a dream to visit Europe, and more importantly France? If that’s the case perhaps you might choose to give them a Tinggly experience gift collection to add a whole new dimension to their adventures.

A Tinggly gift box collection comes stuffed with hundreds of incredible, and surprising experiences that allow the recipient to choose the one experience that best matches their own personal preferences and travel plans. Many of the Tinggly experiences even allow two people to share an activity and in return share the memories and the stories that go with it.

France is a country ripe with diversity, from landscape diversity to food and drink. That’s why Tinggly has specifically hand-selected the best experiences in an attempt to embrace that rich diversity. From wine adventures in Champagne to parasailing in Provence, there’s something for everyone.

Give the gift of Tinggly choice

Whether you choose to gift a box containing Paris experience gifts or allow the recipient to choose the parts of France they want to explore for themselves, there’s a Tinggly gift box that’s sure to have something for the lucky recipients to enjoy.

Inside of every Tinggly experience gift box - which comes in a range of prices - there are literally hundreds of individual experiences to choose from. Once you give the gift box the owners then have the choice to choose one experience that fits their travel plans and their preferences. Who you choose to give the gift box to - family, friends, colleagues, employees, as a birthday or anniversary gift - is up to you. What the recipient does with the gift box is up to them. Think of giving a Tinggly gift box as giving the gift of hundreds of choices for the recipient to choose the one they want.

And what’s more, giving a Tinggly gift box couldn’t be easier, or faster. Click on the Tinggly website, choose the gift box you want, choose who you want to give it to, make your payment, and write your personalized note to accompany the gift. The gift can then be delivered in a really beautiful presentation box - which can be delivered worldwide - or it can be delivered instantly via electronic mail.

From Champagne to Balloon Flights

Let’s take a look at some of the great French experiences a Tinggly gift box recipient might want to enjoy. How about a show with champagne at Paris’s legendary Moulin Rouge, or skip the line to visit the city’s most iconic symbol, the Eiffel Tower. If they’d rather leave the city behind them they can always head for the countryside with a one-night stay (including jacuzzi session) in a totally unique bubble hotel in Provence or an introduction to beekeeping in the delightful rural idyll of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

If adventure is their thing they may enjoy hitting the heights with the thrills of a bungee jump in the French Alps, a clifftop helicopter tour over Normandy’s stunning cliffs, or even a balloon flight over the wineries of Bourgogne. If they like their experiences taken in a more relaxed manner there’s always Parisian pastry-making classes or a day-trip from Marseille to the markets at Luberon and Fontaine de Vaucluse, or even the magic of a champagne tasting experience directly in the Champagne-Ardenne region. There really is so much change and all hand-picked to enhance any visit to fantastic France.

And just in case you’re worried about the planet, Tinggly is totally committed to doing everything we can to be sure that we don’t damage the environment in any way. For example for every Tinggly experience redeemed we remove 33lbs (15kg) of plastic from the environment - that’s almost 660 plastic bottles. And no what experience the recipients choose - even those great helicopter rides in Normandy - Tinggly have guaranteed to offset the carbon footprint by a staggering 200%. Plus, we decided that we needed to go even further, now all of our packaging is made from 100% recycled/recyclable materials and are printed with 100% planet-friendly inks.

With Tinggly, being sustainable is not just a catchy statement to make more sales, being sustainable is the core of everything we do.

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