Romantic Dinner in Complete Dark for Two in Tallinn

This is one of many experiences included in this collection!

This Experience is one of many in this collection!
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Premium Gift Box
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Why we included this experience:

  • A novel romantic interlude 
  • Unique way to explore your senses

Experience description

They say true love is blind - why not find out for yourself with this unique and fascinating gift experience in Tallinn? Bring along your partner for a memorable meal of Estonian cuisine where the twist is, you’ll be dining in the dark! It may sound odd, but this is actually a great idea - it allows you to better appreciate your food using all your senses.

Since the first bite is with the eyes, what happens when you can’t see anything? Your senses of smell and touch take over. It makes for an intriguing evening as you learn the abilities and limits of your senses. Don’t worry, for anyone afraid of spilling a glass of wine or accidentally picking up a chili instead of a carrot stick - night-vision devices are provided if you wish. But Tinggly recommends you keep them on the table and embrace the darkness. This will be one of the most distinctive meals you ever take!


  • Fascinating culinary diversion 
  • Dare to eat in the dark 
  • Incredible sensual experience

What's Included:

  • Three-course meal
  • Night-vision device

Good to know:

  • Season lasts from September to May 
  • No dress code requirements

Experience details

For 2 persons
Cold season


Krua Restauran, Vana-Viru 13, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia