Morning Wildlife Safari Adventure in Wyoming

United States, Wyoming
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Premium Collection
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July 2018

What great fun!! My guide Kyle was very knowledgable and fun to listen to. We trucked all over to find animals and we found a lot! We saw 6 moose, deer, pronghorn, elk (at a distance) and bison (also at a distance). The vehicle was comfy and he supplied binoculars and blankets (even tho its July, it’s still chilly in the am!). We stopped for a snack and bathroom break half way through (the one thing I wished for was healthier snack options - there were green bananas which shouldn’t be eaten until they ripen, Ripe fruit would have been great.). Overall, I loved this experience bc I got to see animals without having to play the crap shoot of figuring out how to find them myself plus it was a great tour of the lower half of the park.

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