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Kite Buggying Lesson in UK for Two

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Why we included this experience:

  • Learn to manoeuvre a vehicle using a kite
  • Try it on one of the finest beaches in East Sussex or Kent.
  • Hugely addictive, and needs only light winds

Experience description

Think you’ve tried it all when it comes to adventurous beach activities? If you’ve never cruised across the sand at speeds of up to 50mph (80km/h) then snap up this experience right away. Kite buggying is a hot new coastal sport, and the expansive reaches of Camber Sands and Greatstone beaches are among the best places to try it out, giving you plenty of room to race along and feel the wind in your face.

With expert tuition you’ll quickly master basic turns before moving onto upwind riding, maybe even trying out few tricks such as 360s, powered slide turns or riding backwards by the end of your session. The buggy is steered using your feet, and you use the kite to speed up and slow down. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and, ask anyone who’s tried it, this is a seriously addictive sport. Best of all, unlike many other kite sports, only minimal wind is required.

Experience details




Warm season


Land & Nature

Active Level

Feel your pulse


  • Feel the wind in your hair as you race along the beach
  • Brilliant introduction to a fun sport
  • Pick up some tricks to impress your friends

What's Included:

  • 3 hour lesson
  • All equipment
  • Insurance

Good to know:

  • Please note lessons are dependent on favourable weather conditions
  • Rescheduling may be necessary during bad weather or low wind
  • 4 hours lesson


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