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Bioluminescence Kayak Experience for Two in Florida

This is one of many experiences included in this gift box!

This Experience is one of many in this gift box!
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Premium Collection
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119 $

Why we included this experience:

  • Magical phenomena that can make your body and all the animals of the sea around you glow
  • Amazing amount of dolphins, manatees, turtles, and fish that customers get to see up close

Experience description

On summer evenings, the Banana River, a lagoon between Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island, is lit from underneath by one of nature’s most wondrous phenomenons - bioluminescence - created by millions of single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates. Whenever they are disturbed by moving water, by fish or the canoes and kayaks your group will be paddling, they briefly flicker with a bright bluish-white. During high concentrations of the dinoflagellates, the visual effect is simply stunning, illuminating your passage along the river.

Try running your hand or a paddle through the water and watching the lights flash correspondingly - it’s an amazing experience. Each tour is scheduled to run for a couple of hours, but as the guides will happily tell you, if the dinoflagellates are out in force, or if dolphins and manatees turn up, it’s easy to lose track of time...


  • Witness the bioluminescence, one of nature’s true miracles, first-hand
  • Watch as the trail your kayak makes through the warm shallow waters of the Banana River
  • See dolphins and manatees carve a distinctive blue-white path, or make your own with your hand

What's Included:

  • Kayak
  • All paddling equipment
  • Guides
  • Training
  • Life jacket

Good to know:

  • Tour departs 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM
  • Tour operates only from May to October 12th
  • Flashlights are not included
  • What You Need To Bring: ‍Bug Spray; ‍Wear clothes that can get wet and possibly dirty; ‍Rain Jacket; ‍Tips for your guides

Experience details

For 2 persons
Warm season
Multiple times a day


Livingston Lake Road, Frostproof, FL 33843, USA
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