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Fantastic gift ideas for the friends and family in your life with a serious case of wanderlust, these digital nomad gifts will put a smile on their face wherever they are in the world. With experience gifts from Tinggly, they can choose from 100s of exciting activities in more than 100 countries worldwide, so that whatever their interests and passions, they can tick something off their personal bucket list.

Great travel gifts for people that are already loving life on the road, these gift cards have no expiry dates, so there’s no rush to use them. For the ultimate digital nomad gifts then, give stories, not stuff.

Tinggly gift reviews 4.7 (9716)

Barbara M
April 2021

The canyon is beautiful and this is a fun activity. I would have scored it much better if it wasn't so crowded. There were 30 people on our ride, 30 people t...o match with horses, deal with riders understanding of what to do, manage issues. A lot of waiting around while people mount, dismount ect. It takes a long time waiting for 30 people. This is a 2 hour ride. My recommendation is to ask how many people will on the ride. I have seen some that book 10 at a time, this seems like the right number to me. 30 was far too many people for this type of ride.

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April 2021

I am so excited to give this as a wedding gift. With the ongoing pandemic I know the newly weds will be eager to get out and see the world so it’s nice to give a with so many options and no expiration date!Read moreRead less

April 2021

I was having a really hard time with finding a wedding gift for someone and when I came across this site I thought it would be the best thing ever for them since ...they're always traveling. They loved it 10 out of 10 would buy it again.Read moreRead less

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Inspiring and useful digital nomad gifts

Experience gifts that can be used in over 100 countries worldwide

The life of a digital nomad, traveling the world and funding it by working as you go, may seem glamorous and exciting, but it’s not all fun and games. One big problem in being away from home for long periods of time is feeling disconnected from your family and friends. But when it comes to birthdays, wedding anniversaries or Christmas, you can ensure they know they’re still in your thoughts with these fantastic digital nomad gifts from Tinggly.

Experience gifts are like a passport to adventure, and at Tinggly, we think they’re essential for any traveler’s backpack. Recipients can take their pick from literally 100s of fun and rewarding experiences in more than 100 countries, according to their own interests, passions, and travel plans.

After closing the laptop for the day they could be indulging in a treatment at a Balinese spa, learning how to surf off the coast of Portugal, wine-tasting in the Napa Valley, or enjoying an introduction to Vietnamese cuisine with a cookery lesson in Hanoi. Wherever they are in the world, these awesome digital nomad gifts will feature something they’d love to try.

How experience gifts work

It’s so easy to find the perfect gifts for digital nomads with Tinggly.

  1. Start by choosing one of our experience gifts depending on the occasion or your budget
  2. Pay securely online with a few clicks of your mouse
  3. Add a personal message and an address to send their travel gift box to

That’s it! And do remember: for added convenience, we can also send your digital nomad gifts by email, in case they’re already traveling and you don’t have a fixed address for them.

When they receive their gift card, they just need to browse the Tinggly map and see which of the many experience gifts near them that they’d like to do. Booking is just a matter of contacting the Tinggly team to let us know what they want to do, when, and where. We’ll handle the rest.

Experience gifts for digital nomads you can recommend they try:

  • Indoor skydiving in Singapore
  • A surf lesson for beginners in Hawaii
  • A desert safari by 4x4 in Dubai
  • A mouthwatering ‘secret food’ tour of Berlin
  • Wine-tasting in Portugal’s Douro Valley
  • Thrilling bungee jumping in New Zealand

And don’t forget, thanks to our unique Activist Program, your digital nomad gifts are eco-friendly too. Any time someone buys experience gifts from Tinggly we commit to the following in their name:

Removing 11lbs (5kg) of plastic waste from the natural environment - that’s the equivalent of around 220 plastic bottles

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