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This Tinggly gift box means serious business for getting a flavour of the very best that Europe has to offer on the experience front. Throughout Europe, the lucky recipient of this gift box gets to choose from a range of activities in multiple countries. Help them narrow down the choice of one memory of a lifetime- the real challenge will be which experience to choose...


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Steven & Janne

It was a great experience made even better by the amazing weather. However, we can easily imagine that even with a less nice weather this multi-transport journey to the top of the mountain and back, would be fun and beautiful. The scenery is breath-taking and calming at the same time. It feels like a place you want to come back to.

Julia Sanges

Larissa & Jeffrey

This was an excellent way to see a number of sites - the tomb of the unknown soldier, temple of olympian zeus/hadrian's gate, and the acropolis and acropolis museum. Our guide really wove the story of the ancient Greeks together in a way that going alone and just reading signs at the museum wouldn't have done. There was some standing around waiting and confusion throughout the tour because each portion is "sectioned off" with people leaving/joining depending on what they booked, and we got put in the wrong group and then switched around at one point, but otherwise everything was smooth and our guide was great. I also didn't understand when I booked that the entry fees were not included - not sure if i missed that in the description - you have to bring Euros for those day of.

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