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Ride a chopper - the flight of a lifetime! This Tinggly collection brings together the best helicopter rides around the world. Whether riding over mountains, forest or stunning city views, a ride in a copter is a truly memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience. Personalise this gift box for your loved ones and suggest which helicopter ride they should take - they're free to choose any location and time!
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Filipe Silva
September 2019

Even though the helicopter ride was amazing (kudos to the very professional heli company and super funny pilot), the "limo" pick-up was a disaster. Not only the... pick up was on the verge of being considered a limo-bus, the drop off was straight up a regular mini-bus. Also, we were picked up at 6pm for a flight at 7.30pm (first ones picked up), and were picking up all the other passengers in other hotels. On the way back, it also took us 1h30mins to get to our hotel, being the last ones to be dropped off. Not a pleasant experience ending up wasting 3hrs in transfer buses (not limos!) for a really cool 15 min. helicopter ride. Would recommend the 15min heli ride (really great and enough time to enjoy), but not for the "limo" and the huge transfer time.Read moreRead less

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