Best Bungee Jumps
Best Bungee Jumps
Best Bungee Jumps

Best Bungee Jumps

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The ultimate thrill, standing on the edge and looking down. And then there's the jump - the adrenaline, the fear and excitement. The rush of wind, bouncing back up and feeling the freedom. What a gift! Tinggly's Best Bungee Jumps gift box is ideal for the thrill seeker in your life. The lucky recipient gets to pick from a huge range of the coolest bungee jumps around the world.


Total reviews (2)

The best first time bungy experience I could have hoped for! Not only was the jump itself amazing (you haven't felt real adrenaline until you've bungied!) but the staff were so great, they made the whole experience even more fun, keeping us all entertained and pumped the whole way up to the jump . I take it this is to avoid anyone having second thoughts, which is a nice idea, but it also made the wait not boring at all!

Melissa Giroux

The staff was great, I felt secure and I will recommend it! It was simply awesome!

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