Gift for the Planet

20 $
Offsets 1 ton of CO2
Helps build Tinggly trash traps
Certificate of Tinggly Activist
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics
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Give the gift of sustainability

As you already know, Tinggly is leading the movement in how to give gifts in a new and more meaningful way. We believe in giving experiences rather than things. We’re also leading the charge in another movement - how we care for our planet.

No, unlike some other companies there is no bracelet included, but the planet does get this:
  • 11lbs (5kg) plastic removed
  • 1 ton of C02 offset
  • river trash traps installations

Every Tinggly gift removes 11lbs (5kg) of polluting plastics from the environment through a series of different initiatives - that’s almost 220 toxic plastic bottles. We are in active partnership with Plastic Bank, a global organization dedicated to preventing plastics from entering the oceans by making recycling accessible and worthwhile, at the same time as creating new economic opportunities for some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

This ‘Gift for the Planet’ not only makes the recipient happy, but it also offsets 1 ton of CO2 with the help of another environment-friendly partner organization, Climate Care. You can read more about our great new Tinggly initiatives here at our sustainability page here.

On top of all that, Tinggly has taken things into their own hands and manually installed Tinggly Trash Traps in the rivers of the Indonesian island of Bali - once one of the world’s hotspots as a source for ocean plastics. You can check the video footage here.

Congratulations on choosing to save the planet.

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Gift reviews

Raghu Ramesh
November 2019

I love the concept for people who prefer spending money on experiences. Seems like an awesome way to give something meaningful.

Alicia Sanguinetti
November 2019

This is a fantastic unique , original present for someone who has everything or simply for a greenpeace enthusiast :)

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