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Celebrate good times come on! This Tinggly gift box allows 2 people to choose the perfect experience from one of hundreds from around the world. If you're looking for fun on your travels or want to try out something closer to home there is truly something for everyone, regardless of whether fun is adrenaline, getting wet, being at one with nature or getting goose-bumps from seeing something new and unexpected...
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Overall rating (211,180) 4.6

Gift reviews

Melvin Miclat
October 2019

Thank you Annie Z. For being such a knowledgeable guide. 5 stars!

Patti Lintel
October 2019

I have been on a couple of other food tours and this did not comparable favorably. It was light on food tasting and heavy on commentary. The guide did a good ...job with what he had to work with, so I give him high marks. I believe his name was Kyle. Read moreRead less

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