Choosing the best Christmas gift for your employees

With the upcoming holiday season, everybody starts stressing about the perfect gift. The goal is to shower loved ones with memorable and meaningful gifts. Companies are no exception. The holiday season is the most common time for companies to show appreciation for all the good work employees have been doing. But to choose a perfect corporate gift is not an easy task.

There are certain trends and traditions regarding corporate gifts. The most common gifts for employees are monetary gift cards (e.g. Amazon gift card). It’s the easiest way to hit the mark for all types of people – everyone can choose something different that, in a sense, suits their needs the best. It’s practical, however, the question is will the employees feel truly appreciated or just mindlessly rewarded? Another ongoing trend is to gift some witty personalized gifts. They vary from custom pens, their holders, mouse-pads, to wine collections, personalized food baskets. They can be practical, no doubt about that, but it’s rather difficult if employees are in the different parts of the world.

Corporates can actually set themselves apart by gifting alternative Christmas gifts. Instead of pens or calendars try gifting happiness. It sounds kind of crazy, right? But it’s rather simple – gift experiences rather than material things. The magic thing about experiences is that people continue to live it after they've done it. After some time people are hardly likely to talk about a new toy or gadget, whereas an experience becomes a story. This is a story that you can share over and over again. One of the best solutions for global companies and the ones which have many remote workers is Tinggly, which offers the world's best experiences in one collection. There is a vast variety of different experiences, which are available in more than 100 countries. You don’t need to look for local suppliers abroad, Tinggly offers a one of a kind solution that fits everyone.


If however you are gifting material things, choose them with care and attentiveness, don’t forget a splash of humor. Even a boring mug can be turned into a small fun gift. You can do it by customizing it with a joke, a phrase or a drawing. If it varies, people will be interested to see and share their customized mugs with their colleagues. This will create a buzz and a sense of community.

And of course don’t forget to spread joy and a happy holidays mood by saying thanks, congratulations on a successful deal, or patting someone on the back for finishing a task on time. Happy holidays!

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