Tinggly partnership with Plastic Bank

Tinggly and Plastic Bank, on a mission to rid the planet of plastics

Tinggly is on a mission to be part of the drive to rid the planet of harmful plastics.

Our oceans are being choked with plastics, up to 8 million metric tons every year (that’s approximately one dump truck every minute of every day). This is not sustainable, and it’s time for the entire planet to join forces and to act as one.

That’s why Tinggly has teamed up with Plastic Bank (2018 to 2022) - an organization whose mission is to ‘fight ocean plastic and alleviate extreme poverty by empowering disenfranchised communities to turn pollution into wealth’.

Tinggly, as the leading provider of experience gifts right around the world, realizes that every one of us needs to be part of the solution.

For every Tinggly gift experience redeemed, we have committed ourselves - in partnership with Plastic Bank - to remove 11lbs (5Kg, or as much as 220 plastic bottles) from the environment. That means while the world is out there enjoying thousands of amazing Tinggly experiences every individual is actively helping to clean the planet of plastics.

What happens to these plastics?

Plastic Bank operates what is called a circular economy.

This works in the following way:

Collected plastic can be exchanged by local residents for rewards such as cash, digital tokens, school tuition, healthcare, and insurance. Membership Bonuses are added to rewards to ensure stable and fair wages for our Members. The plastic is then recycled into raw material, called Social Plastic®, and used to manufacture new products.

Along with partnering with Tinggly, Plastic Bank’s aim is to gather one billion people together to monetize waste, and we are very proud to be part of such a global mission.

The future

Plastic pollution is a global problem, a problem to be resolved by the many, not by the few. That’s why Tinggly has decided that by creating a partnership with PlasticBank we are contributing to a cleaner, plastic-free future.

Every one of us needs to become part of the solution, it’s already too late to wait for others to take action.

No action is too small, whether that means recycling at home, at school, in the workplace, or in the local community, every piece of plastic we collect adds up to a brighter cleaner future.

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