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Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone you love? They'll find something truly special in a Tinggly collection, with hundreds of incredible experiences all over the world. Tinggly understands the value of happy memories, and spending time with someone you love, which is why so many of the experiences in this collection are for two people - ideal for romantic quality time. If you want an original gift idea for Valentine's Day you need look no further than Tinggly.

Be my Valentine

129 $
(203,527) 4.6
250+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Getaway - 2 Days in 100 Capitals

189 $
(3,543,363) 4.6
2000+ hotels
100+ capitals
1 night stay for 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Perfect for Her

129 $
(287,311) 4.6
600+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 1 and 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Perfect for Him

129 $
(287,322) 4.5
600+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 1 and 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Time Together

299 $
(179,643) 4.6
450+ experiences
100+ countries
Experiences for 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Getaway - 3 Days in 100 Capitals

359 $
(6,565,818) 4.6
2000+ hotels
100+ capitals
2 night stay for 2 persons
Removes 11lbs (5kg) of plastics

Tinggly gift reviews 4.9 (3268)

August 2020

Excellent gift choice for any occasion. I love that in addition to having a great service and experience, they also care about environment. Highly recommend!

Ryan and Katy Smilko
July 2020

We did a hot air balloon tour through Tinggly and the experience was absolutely lovely. The tour itself was cancelled twice, first because of COVID19, and the sec...ond because of poor weather conditions. And in both situations, Tinggly was beyond accommodating and flexible with us in getting the experience rebooked and scheduled for our convenience. The balloon tour was absolutely incredible and we'd probably leave separate feedback for the operator, but all in all, we are incredibly happy and pleased with the experience and will absolutely do more experiences through Tinggly likely do more balloon tours because as well!Read moreRead less

July 2020

What an amazing gift! Unique design and a perfect variety of choices how to spend it. I am a big fan! Give stories, not stuff!

1 2 ... 1090

Best Valentine’s Day gifts

We’ve got some super Valentine’s news you’re going to love. Did you know that experience gifts can give you the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd on Valentine’s Day, and what’s more, Tinggly has you completely covered for choice?

With one dedicated Valentine’s collection - ‘Be My Valentine’ - and four other fun-filled gift collections to choose from, you’re no longer limited to candies or red roses. With a Tinggly experience gift box, your Valentine can literally choose from thousands of incredible, and unforgettable experiences in hundreds of locations worldwide.

But, what’s the point of giving Valentine’s gifts without you getting to enjoy the experience too? That’s why every Tinggly experience from the love collection is designed for two to share.
Whether you choose a romantic gondola ride for two in Venice or a chocolate tasting treat in Washington, or how about something more exhilarating, like parasailing on the French Riviera or a bungee jump for two in Slovakia - the world is your oyster.

In fact, we’ve got the biggest selection of amazing Valentine’s gifts for him, thrilling Valentine’s gift for her, and the perfect collection of Valentine’s gifts for couples to share and remember forever.

Valentine’s experience gifts last a lifetime

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with receiving a gift card signed from your Valentine, along with a heart-shaped box of candies, but people now want real-life experiences to share, enjoy, and remember forever. That’s the real romance of Tinggly gifts, the memories that you two will create to last a lifetime.

Since its origins in the 5th century, the popularity of Valentine’s Day has spread right around the world, from the United States to India, and from Singapore to the Philippines. Every country where the day of love is celebrated has developed its own unique gifting traditions, in Japan, women make and present homemade delicious Honmei-choco candies, while in Bulgaria the feast day - known as San Trifon Zartan - is celebrated with a glass of delicious wine.

Telling someone how much you care for them is at the heart - excuse the pun - of Valentine’s Day, regardless of where you are from. How you show that emotion can be as individual as the couple in question. Some people, devoid of gift ideas, tend to stick to traditional gifts like; champagne, flowers, candy, jewelry, or a romantic dining experience. And we say, ‘Hey, that’s cool too’.

But times are changing. At Tinggly, people have already shown us - in growing numbers - that they value experiences over material possessions. A lot of adventurous, and environmentally-concerned people are now choosing a gift that will keep on giving in the form of stories, and memories.

A Valentine’s gift for the planet

In fact, if you love the planet - along with loving your special partner - you’ll be happy to hear that Tinggly is the perfect choice for you. We’ve tried really hard to lessen our impact on the planet through a number of innovations.

Even if you and your partner choose to fly a helicopter over the grand canyon, or drive a supercar around an international racetrack Tinggly will offset your carbon footprint not just by 100%, but by a massive 200%. Plus, for every experience enjoyed, we actively remove 11lbs (5kg) of plastics from the environment. And, if that’s not enough, all Tinggly gift boxes are made entirely from 100% recycled/recyclable materials, including planet-friendly inks.

So, now you can show your love in a unique and amazing way while being kind to the planet at the same time.

Tinggly experience gift boxes are the gift that will keep on giving forever. Sure, you can still give your Valentine Day gifts and cards, your hearts, and your flowers, but wouldn’t it be better to have the treasured possession of shared memories to last you long into the future.

What’s not to love? Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

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