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The life of a digital nomad, working their way around the world and needing nothing but a reliable internet connection, might seem impossibly exciting and glamorous, but it has one big disadvantage. Being on the road constantly makes it hard to stay connected with family and friends back home. Let them know they’re still in your thoughts with travel gifts for digital nomads, perfect for any occasion. 

With Tinggly experience gifts they can choose from 100s of amazing activities all around the world, whenever and wherever it suits them. For useful travel gifts for the digital nomad then, give stories, not stuff.

Tinggly gift reviews 4.7 (268604)

June 2022

The crew of the Holoholo charters boat was incredibly friendly and welcoming. We had a guest who on the way back felt the motion of the ocean a little too much an...d was unfortunately very seasick on the way back. The crew assisted her as much as possible, moving other guests around to allow for the best seats to minimize sea sickness. I recommend taking some anti motion sickness pills before heading to the ride as a precaution, even if you don’t normally get seasick. The views from the boat were INCREDIBLE. we got to see Ni’ihau and Lehua Crater up close and personally, and even got to see a monk seal. She swam up and got close while we were snorkeling which was an awesome experience. I definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is looking at seeing the Napali coast from the boats, as well as have a little sense of adventure. Read moreRead less

Greg K
June 2022

The crew and captain were very capable and went out of their way to be hospitable and helpful on the trip to Niihau. The crew was friendly and really looked afte...r the passengers. I was impressed with it. I've been on many trips like this with many companies. Holo Holo Chartres stood out in a quality way. The snorkeling there was excellent for water clarity. We saw a diverse number of marine mamals on the trip.Read moreRead less

June 2022

My wife, daughter and granddaughter all had a great time on this long day tour. The setting and snorkeling were spectacular, of course, and it helped to have per...fect weather - about as sunny and calm as it gets. Lots of fish and a few seals during the snorkeling. I would use Holo Holo again for this or other trips. The check-in was seamless. The boat crew was very friendly, informative and very helpful. The food and drinks were plentiful and tasty (but not gourmet). The boat was well maintained, very clean and , I think, just the right size. It was big enough to feel comfortable traveling the channel back from Ni'ihau when exposed to the trade winds, but able to get part way into the caves and get those of us on the bow or stern under a couple of waterfalls. We looked at the smaller zodiac type tours and the larger catamaran tours and felt we made the right choice to go in between. Although we do not usually get sea-sick, we all took dramamine the night before and the next morning and had no issues. People need to understand this tour can be pretty rough at times, so they should always consider the conditions. As my granddaughter said - "a most excellent was to spend the day"!Read moreRead less

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Suitable travel gifts for a Digital Nomad

Experience gifts - inspiration unlimited

Do you have a digital nomad among your friends and family? Someone that seems to be forever traveling the world, going wherever they can find an internet connection and working to support their wanders? If you’re looking for suitable travel gifts for a digital nomad then look no further than Tinggly, where you can give the whole world in just one gift. 

A digital nomad needs to pack light, so useful travel gifts are those that aren’t going to take up any space in their backpack. Experiences weigh nothing, but the memories can last a lifetime. After they pack up their laptop for the day they can be joining a surf safari in Spain, heading for a pampering spa session in Bali, a beginners’ rock-climbing lesson in California or float in the Dead Sea in Israel. Whatever their interests or passions, these experience gifts make superb travel gifts for a digital nomad.

How to organise experience gifts

  1. Get started by choosing which of our experience gifts collections best suits the occasion or your budget
  2. Pay securely online
  3. Add a personal message and an address to send their gift card to (if you have one)

We can send their experience gifts to them wherever they are in the world - and remember that if they’re already traveling and you don’t have a fixed address for them, we can also send experience gifts by email for convenience.

To redeem their experience gifts, they just need to search the Tinggly map for things they’d like to do and let us know what, where and when so we can make the reservation. These travel gifts for digital nomads have NO expiry dates - they can fit in perfectly with their journeys and adventures a month, or even a year from now.

Whether it’s their birthday, their wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any other celebration, Tinggly travel gifts for a digital nomad are the best way to stay connected and show you care. Experience gifts help people to travel better and discover new cultures and landscapes, and the memories last a lifetime. Give stories, not stuff. 

Sustainable experience gifts

We care about the planet, and we know our customers do as well. That’s the reason we launched our Activist program, to make Tinggly experience gifts as sustainable as possible. When you buy a travel gift for a digital nomad from Tinggly, we pledge to do the following in your name:

  • Offset the carbon footprint of the average experience in our collection by 200%. We know carbon offsetting isn’t the answer to climate change, but we feel it’s a step in the right direction
  • Remove 11lbs (5kg) of plastic waste from the natural environment - that’s the equivalent of around 220 plastic bottles - and help to recycle it
  • Send the travel gift box in packaging that is made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials (unless the gift card is emailed of course)

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