Tinggly meets Branson

Tinggly is a company founded on values and purpose. We believe in changing the culture of gifting: Give stories, not stuff.

In 2015, our launch year, team Tinggly was a finalist in the Extreme Tech Challenge. We had the honor of being invited to Necker island where we presented a Tinggly gift to Sir Richard Branson. This trip was one of our first chances to get feedback, input and ideas on our concept, confirming that we are on the right path.

A few years rolled by as we grew, learned, dreamt and developed Tinggly.

In 2019 Tinggly Founder Linas visited Necker Island to meet Sir Richard Brandon as part of the Finding My Virginity programme together with another 60 CEOs and founders of the world’s leading organisations.

This visit became transformational for Tinggly.

Sir Richard loved the idea of Tinggly and the mission to change gift giving culture from material objects to gifting experiences.

During the programme Linas had a Eureka moment and came back with an updated vision how to truly make Tinggly “The world’s best experience gift”.

5 months later a full vision has been implemented and Tinggly’s sales and growth have skyrocketed.

Here is what we changed:

  • No expiry: we make our experience gifts valid for a lifetime;

  • No rush or disappointment;

  • No limits in refunds: we are in happiness business. If a client is not happy, no worries, they can return a gift anytime;

  • Eco Gift Boxes: we produce new gift boxes from fully recycled materials, remove glossy plastics and use eco friendly inks;

  • Making the planet cleaner: by gifting an experience, there is one less material gift produced to end up landfills. We make it even more special, each gift now with the help of the Eden Project plants trees;

  • Making the Atmosphere cleaner: each Tinggly experience’s CO2 emissions are offset by 200%, so even if you are flying a helicopter, you are still making the planet cleaner;

  • River Trash Traps - We build the programme of Tinggly trash traps with the aim to stop trash in the rivers reaching the oceans, because it becomes very difficult and expensive to clean the Oceans.

Further information is available on our Sustainability page.

Thank you Sir Richard! None of the above would have happened without our visits to your beautiful home on Necker island and the conversations we had. Please continue inspiring human beings of planet Earth, be it Founders, CEOs, Politicians and everyone else.

Let’s continue creating a ripple effect and collectively help preserve the planet for future generations.

Linas & Alex,

Founders of Tinggly

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