Hi, my name is Urte!

Urte is a multi-potentialite with a craving for new and unconventional projects. One day she can be crafting a game with puzzles and logical tasks for 20 people, other - sewing an outfit for a celebration and another – turning herself in a zombie (yeap.. She’s into special effects makeup). Urte loves a good book with brain teasing detective story, she can’t live without puzzles and logical games (she has visited over 20 different escape rooms all over the world).



B2B manager

Role in the company

Urte takes care of B2B enquiries and sales, content creation, other projects, helping Tinggly.com to grow. She believes that there is no better way of living than spreading happiness to other people and Tinggly.com is a perfect way to bring happiness to the world.

Favourite experiences

  • "Madness" horror room in Riga
  • Kayaking Zrmanja in Croatia
  • Hiking in Montserrat, Spain

Dream experiences

What I love best about Tinggly.com

Tinggly gives people freedom to choose, it helps crafting new memories that last a lifetime. Tinggly spreads joy!

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