Hi, my name is Rokas!




Marketing Project Manager

Role in the company

My main role in the company is helping to change the culture of gift-giving around the world - from gifting material things to gifting experiences. Using channels like social media, SEO and affiliate marketing to spread the message to people around the globe and help people collect experiences of the lifetime.

Favorite experiences

I am a very active person so all my favorite experiences are outdoors. Here are a few moments form my life that makes me excited when I think about them:

  • Winning Nacional Mountain Bike Championship in 2009
  • Climbing the first mountain top in the Alps in 2014
  • Fall in the mountains, I almost got killed and got rescued in 2016
  • Winter campaign when temperature dropped to -28°C in 2018
  • Joining Tinggly in 2019 ((;
  • And many others

Dream experiences

I love everything that is simple and spontaneous, so my dream experience is simply hiking in the mountains with my friends and constantly laughing from our silly jokes (: Yet, I would never say no to the spontaneous experience especially if it’s something dangerous and exciting.

What I love best about Tinggly

I believe that our lives are collections of moments and that those moments define who we are. Material things that you own end up owning you and making your life more difficult. The collection of experiences gives you more wisdom and makes you happier, and makes you more experienced in life. Simplicity is the key in life and Tinggly message of “Give stories, not stuff” is the answer why I love Tinggly.

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