Hi, my name is Mantas!

Mantas - a very colourful personality which just burns from inside to do something great and meaningful. Deep inside he is little bit of a perfectionist and a total optimist with pessimistic sense of reality. His most loved quote is "The devil is in the detail".



Chief Marketing Officer

Role in the company

The guy who tries to spread the message about changing the gifting culture and a love for life-time experiences to all around the world.

Favourite experiences

  • Video gaming;
  • Running in all possible parts of the world (at least 5km);
  • Reading good old books and listening good old LPs (vinyls).

Dream experiences

  • To visit all of the wonders of the world;
  • To make para-jump;
  • Visit NY (cheesy, but this is a dream... :D).

What I love best about Tinggly

Such a small thing as a gift makes a huge & meaningful impact in people’s lives. Tinggly.com was a groundbreaking discovery for me. From the first second I believed in the idea and how precious memories are - experiences which enrich you as a human.
Giving someone the freedom to explore not only their own backyard, but to discover experiences they could only dream of. These are the stories that can be told to their grandchildren and even something that can spark changes in the world.

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