Hi, my name is Martynas!

Martynas is a true extrovert! While having a blast trying new experiences - he still spends half the time playing board games! Former boxing champ now getting his gloves back in the corporate ring to beat the old-school swag and bring excitement to your life!



Head of Corporate Sales

Role in the company

Martynas is working solely with corporate clients. Every day he is communicating to create and onboard new partners and clients. There has not been a day when he did not talk with somebody. 

He is determined to make Tinggly the number 1 choice for corporate gifts and rewards!

Favorite experiences

Martynas is a true food lover! He is considering himself a foodie and always brings his clients to Michelin star restaurants. 

At work, he is a very active and loud person, but when he gets back home - it's game time! 
Martynas - a board game fan! With a collection of nearly 200 different board games, he has thought the whole team how to conquer the world, save the shire, and build the engine that never stops! 

Dream experiences

A day in the Bahamas. Start of the day - dive with sharks. Then - sea fishing and cooking the catch. In the evening - nice spa to get your energy level back up and get ready for the ultimate night out! 

What I love best about Tinggly.com

We all are very different and we enjoy different things - Tinggly allows us to be ourselves.
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