Hi, my name is Lauris!

Lauris is a passionate team leader and a sportsman. He enjoy an active lifestyle, traveling and tasting new cuisines. Experimenting in the kitchen is another passion, which he enjoy more and more often; Lauris rustles up a mean curry :)



Chief Experience Officer

Role in the company

Lauris is leading the team to collect the most exciting experiences available worldwide. He has several years experience in discovering the most exciting experiences around the world and forming international partnerships. His universal skills help to bring the team together and make Tinggly an exceptional choice for worldwide travellers!

Favorite experiences

Lauris loves gourmet travels where he can try local cuisine and unusual food, from snakes to spiders, grasshoppers to worms and many more local specialties.

Lauris is passionate about water activities, so diving with wild sea turtles in Hawaii or being surrounded by thousands of colorful fish and even small sharks in Thailand and the Red Sea are some of his
favourites as well.

He can’t forget the tingly feeling of a free fall experience while trying a tandem 3km parachute jump for the first time!

Dream experiences

To travel around India and Nepal, enjoy local cuisine, hike in the mountains and explore the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. What can be better than one trip filled with all his favourites?!

What I love best about Tinggly.com

Tinggly gives you the freedom to explore the best activities each country has to offer and even try one while you are on your trip. Such an experience will last a lifetime!

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