Hi, my name is Greta!

As with everyone at Tinggly, Greta has a passion for travelling and adventure and cannot sit for long in one place. She enjoys getting lost in unfamiliar cities, hiking in nature, tasting exotic dishes and indulging in new cultures.



Experiences Expert, Customer Service

Role in the company

Greta has been with the company from the very beginning. She is responsible for the search and capture of those amazing experiences that you can see on Tinggly! She is not always in the office but she is rarely offline in order not to miss new activities from all around the world. 

Favourite Experiences

  • A journey to Machu Picchu - even though the destination itself is amazing, the trip to get there is actually more fascinating
  • One and only surfing lesson in Porto - it's amazing how a person could so bad at this :D
  • Buggy and sandboarding on dunes next to a beautiful oasis

Dream Experiences

My dream, for now, is to go on an expedition to Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. Also, I have always dreamt to see Uluru since I was a little girl.

What I love best about Tinggly.com

Two words: freedom and flexibility.

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