Hi, my name is Giedrė!

Giedrė is a craftly gal endlessly looking for something new to try out. Whether it's DIYing her clothes, changing up her appearance, making unusual foods or taking up new projects at work. She always looks at the bright side of things and tries to keep a healthy and positive lifestyle.



Experience manager

Role in the company

Giedrė joined Team Tinggly two years ago. Since then she has found and included over couple hundred experiences, worked on new collection creation, other projects, helping Tinggly.com to grow. In her opinion Tinggly is a great way to create unforgetable memories with friends or solo, because in the end of the day, living a happy life is what really matters.

Favourite experiences

  • Flying a hot air balloon over Vilnius 
  • Eating fresh seafood on the beach in Sicily 
  • Swimming in the Baltic sea at night 

Dream experiences

  • To travel Asia from top to bottom ✈️
  • Swim in clear blue waters with exotic fishes 

What I love best about Tinggly.com

Tinggly gives people freedom to experience thing they didn't even know that existed. It encourages to try new foods, meet new cultures and create new memories that last a lifetime!

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