Hi, my name is Egle!

Egle's motto is 'Don't forget to stop and smell the roses' as once said by Walter Hagen. She believes we should appreciate every moment of our lives.



Marketing Manager

Role in the company

Egle communicates with bloggers and takes care of all social media channels. Most of all she loves searching for pictures to represent Tinggly.

Favorite experiences

Egle loves food that's why Dinner in the dark is the experience she enjoys the most. Hot air ballooning is another favorite, during which she can see different perspectives of the city that she was born in.

Dream experiences

She dreams about a trip to New Zealand to visit Glow Worm Caves and swim in an ocean together with Bioluminescent Plankton - those lights are magical! It's not artificial - it is a complete nature wonder.

What I love best about Tinggly.com

She lives a minimalistic lifestyle - is, in her opinion, carefree; simple is the way to go. Simplicity is the essence of Tinggly as well - easy to use, easy to choose, easy to decide. She says 'Even when I was a child I couldn't understand why would someone ever gift a little cute china sculpture to anyone. It was dust-collectors one forgets once they put them on the shelf'. Now she understands that people were gifting boring gifts because they had never heard of Tinggly experiences. And of course, Team Tinggly is the best!

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