Hi, my name is Brendan!

Storytelling is the axis on which Brendan’s world revolves. He is a firm believer that stories exist all around us, not only in the beautiful but also in what most of us perceive as the mundane. For over 12 years, as a professional travel writer, catching and gathering those stories was his constant goal. Crafting and telling those stories was his passion. It still is. Brendan’s motto is a simple one - ‘This ain’t no dress rehearsal’.




Role in the company

His role is to bring places, people, cultures, encounters, dreams, and unforgettable moments zinging to life through words – all bursting with the flavors and colors of true experiential travel.

Favorite experiences

  • Rounding the Horn – in a storm – aboard a Chilean navy frigate
  • Walking safaris in Kenya’s Samburu land
  • Dog sledding with huskies in the Arctic Circle

Dream experiences

My dream experience would be to actively help prevent the loss of the endangered species on our planet.

What I love best about Tinggly.com

I get to tell stories every day.
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