Hi, my name is Aušrinė!

Aušrinė’s motto is: Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life! As she believes happiness can be found in the little things in life.



Customer Service Specialist

Role in the company

Aušrinė deals with many little things within the company, but the most important of them all is Customer Service! Aušrinė believes that there is nothing more valuable for a company's growth than customer feedback and the overall customer experience.

Favorite Experiences

Different active water activities like speedboats, kayaking, etc. Also, some unique experiences that would only be available in particular places around the world. The one experience that Aušrinė will never forget and would highly recommend would be a Firefly watching tour by boat in Malaysia. That was one of the most memorable and beautiful experiences Aušrinė ever experienced.

Dream Experiences

Aušrinė would love to go to Cappadocia and experience the sunrise Hot Air Baloon flight. It looks like the most beautiful experience ever!

What I love best about Tinggly.com

Aušrinė loves that Tinggly gifts provide people with the most valuable thing - memories. Aušrinė believes that unforgettable memories are what make people happy. There is no better way to enjoy life than doing experiences and enjoying them with loved ones. This is what makes people live in the moment and enjoy the little things.

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