Hi, my name is Alex!

Alex is an independent soul who has travelled to over 65 countries and has a passion for food. He loves to cook, explore markets and be creative in the kitchen with family and friends. When he's not on the game for Tinggly.com you'll find him in the kitchen with his nose in a new sauce.



Co-founder, Experience evangelist

Role in the company

Alex is passionate about sustainability, leading Tinggly's drive to make us all proud of the company we work for and making sure the way we run our experiences is sustainable. Alex has worked for NGOs, businesses small and large and believes that we need to take a wider perspective on how we manage the impact that Tinggly.com has. While not all of the experiences Tinggly.com offers are carbon neutral, Alex seeks ways to minimise the environmental impact and maximise the social value of what we do.

Favourite experiences

  • Fighter Jet flight - 6.3 G force with a Soviet trained fighter pilot in freezing cold conditions plus a hangover
  • Europe's then highest bungee jump at 175metres from the Vilnius TV tower
  • Jumped into a frozen lake in -27 degrees after being in a sauna.

Dream experiences

Alex would love to go heli-mountain biking in New Zealand. The idea of the chopper doing all the hard work to take him up, followed by a long thrilling downhill would be sublime.

What I love best about Tinggly.com

Getting away from gifting material things, basically more plastic rubbish that fills your life and home is brilliant. Tinggly.com experiences last a lifetime through the memories and that's a wonderful thing to gift.

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