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Ideal for keeping your team motivated and feeling appreciated, these remote workers' gifts from Tinggly allow them to choose from 100s of fantastic experiences all over the world. Handpicked by the dedicated Tinggly team, these are the best things to do in more than 100 countries and mean you can look after your employees without breaking your budget.

Unusually for experience gifts, with Tinggly the recipient gets to choose what they want to do, where and when. There’s endless inspiration, and no expiry dates to worry about. So if you need remote workers gifts that will really reward people for their efforts, think experience gifts from Tinggly and give stories, not stuff.

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Unique and motivational remote workers gifts

The best experience gifts in over 100 countries worldwide

There are many advantages to remote working for employees, but there are disadvantages too, one of which is that you can easily feel disconnected from your colleagues. Keeping people motivated, and feeling that they’re still a part of a team even though they may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away, is essential for productivity. And a key way to do that is with suitable remote workers' gifts that will let them know they’re appreciated. 

Which is where Tinggly comes in. Our experience gifts are based on a very simple fact: that experiences are more emotionally rewarding and more memorable than traditional business gifts.

Give experience gifts to your team, and they can choose from 100s of fantastic activities to enjoy either close to home, or on their travels. What they do is entirely up to them and their own interests and lifestyles. You couldn’t ask for more exciting remote workers' gifts.

How remote workers gifts work

Whether it’s to thank someone for a job well done, to celebrate a profitable year, or because you need to let them know they’re just as much a part of the team even though they’re not in the office, sourcing exceptional remote workers gifts with Tinggly is a breeze.

  1. Start by choosing which of our experience gifts is best for the occasion or your budget
  2. Pay securely online with a few clicks of the mouse
  3. Add a personal message for the recipient and an address (remember, we can also send remote workers gifts by email if that’s more convenient)

Our experience gifts are sent packaged in a stylish presentation box made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials. If sustainability is important to your organization, our Activist page explains more about how your remote workers' gifts can be eco-friendly with Tinggly.

After they’ve received their gift box, they can browse the Tinggly map to choose what they want to do, when and where. These experience gifts have NO expiry dates, so your team can use them whenever they want, perhaps on their holiday, on honeymoon or just on a free weekend. And the memories can last them a lifetime.

Sustainable remote workers gifts

Is your business putting sustainability at the forefront of decision-making? When you buy remote workers gifts from Tinggly we commit to doing the following with every purchase:

Our eco-friendly experience gifts can tie in perfectly with your sustainability objectives. 

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