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Simple, satisfying and eco-friendly gifts - Oceania experiences from Tinggly allow people to explore deeper into one of the world’s most beautiful regions. From the magnificent beaches and blush-red interior of Australia to the mountains, fjords and plains of New Zealand and the idyllic islands of Fiji, there’s no better way to travel than with these Oceania experience gifts.

With these unique travel gift cards, the recipient gets to choose what they want to do, where and when. There are no expiry dates to worry about, and there are literally 100s of experiences to choose from. It’s the perfect gift idea for any occasion. Oceania experiences from Tinggly - for when there’s no cure for wanderlust.

Tinggly gift reviews 4.7 (268632)

July 2022

Nice crew but falsely advertised. The food was more like mini danishes and bites of bagels. The advertisement shows full sized bagels with eggs. Champagne was no...t flowing like it should have. I left hungry and sober. If this activity was 1/3 of the price I would not have been as disappointed.Read moreRead less

June 2022

The crew of the Holoholo charters boat was incredibly friendly and welcoming. We had a guest who on the way back felt the motion of the ocean a little too much an...d was unfortunately very seasick on the way back. The crew assisted her as much as possible, moving other guests around to allow for the best seats to minimize sea sickness. I recommend taking some anti motion sickness pills before heading to the ride as a precaution, even if you don’t normally get seasick. The views from the boat were INCREDIBLE. we got to see Ni’ihau and Lehua Crater up close and personally, and even got to see a monk seal. She swam up and got close while we were snorkeling which was an awesome experience. I definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is looking at seeing the Napali coast from the boats, as well as have a little sense of adventure. Read moreRead less

Greg K
June 2022

The crew and captain were very capable and went out of their way to be hospitable and helpful on the trip to Niihau. The crew was friendly and really looked afte...r the passengers. I was impressed with it. I've been on many trips like this with many companies. Holo Holo Chartres stood out in a quality way. The snorkeling there was excellent for water clarity. We saw a diverse number of marine mamals on the trip.Read moreRead less

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Oceania experiences for the travelers in your life

Oceania gifts for friends and family who love to see the world

Introducing the best way to find the perfect gifts for any occasion and anyone - Tinggly gift cards. 

Whereas with most experience gift cards the buyer chooses the activity, which has to be done by a set date, with Tinggly the recipient chooses, according to their own interests. And with 100s of amazing experiences available in over 100 countries across the world, they’ll have no shortage of inspiration.

Our Oceania experiences span some of the world’s most desirable travel destinations, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Countries full of culture, beautiful scenery, friendly and welcoming local people and, of course, a wealth of experiences to try.

How do Oceania gifts work

Finding great gifts for any occasion is now so easy. Here’s how to do it.

  • Choose from the various online gift cards in the Tinggly collection
  • Pay securely online with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Add a personal note to the recipient, and an address to send the gift card to

And that’s it!

Birthday gifts, gap year gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, wedding gifts - you name it, these unique experience gift cards suit every occasion.

We can send Oceania experience gifts anywhere in the world. They are packaged in stylish presentation boxes made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials - just one part of our fantastic Activist program to make our business more sustainable.

When the lucky recipient has their hands on their gift card, they can then start browsing the Tinggly map to see the various Oceania experiences available to them. To book, it’s just a matter of getting in contact with the friendly team here at Tinggly Towers, who will be ready and waiting to make the reservation.

Why buy experience gifts?

Research shows that experiences offer a deeper emotional connection between the giver and the recipient. What’s more, they are more satisfying than any material item, and the happy memories from an experience. can resonate for the rest of someone’s life.

So the question is not so much why buy experience gifts for friends and family, but why not!

A few Oceania experiences they may like to consider:

  • An awesome Ledge swing in Queenstown, home of adventure sports
  • Snorkeling under-explored reefs off Papua New Guinea
  • An Outback mountain-biking tour in Australia
  • A flavorsome tea-to-tapas foodie experience in Tasmania
  • An action-packed jet boat safari in Fiji
  • A half-day kayaking tour of New Zealand’s Cathedral Cove


Eco-friendly Oceania gifts

Our Oceania experiences aren’t just amazing gifts for friends and family who love to travel. They’re eco-friendly too. 

Did not find the right gift? Check Tinggly Gift Boxes!

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