Whitewater rafting

What’s so cool about white water rafting?

Seriously! If you’ve never seen or experienced white water rafting before then this is truly one of the most exciting adventure activities on the planet and has to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

My first ever white water ride came in Thailand on a bamboo raft and since then I’ve careered downstream on a tractor inner tube and bounced over boulders on a 10 berth inflatable and believe you me, no matter what you’re travelling in, there’s no better way to enjoy the day.

From bubbling pools and swirling eddies to the moments of calm prior to coming to an unforeseen bend, there’s just something about the ebb and flow of a river that corresponds with the elements of life, and if you’re looking for a few more reasons to take up your paddles then read on and hold on tight.

Peace and tranquillity

Even the roughest of rivers has moments of calm and if you can breathe deep and hold onto your thoughts then rafting certainly presents a reflective approach to life in many more ways than one. Of course, when you’re tumbling over rocks and catching some air time, there’s rarely a moment to breathe let alone experience peace however, it’s often when we’re caught in the moment that our thoughts are actually at rest and looking back on a thrilling ride might just prove to be more meditative than you’d first imagined.

Thrills and spills

Getting down to the business of white water rafting is certainly about the thrills and spills, with paddle gripping knuckles often proving to be just as white as the crests of the waves as you get buffeted and cajoled downstream. It’s these sorts of adrenaline pounding encounters that make white water rafting such an absolute joy to all the senses and depending on how fast and how intense you like your adventures, screaming as you go faster is in no way going to influence when it’s time to stop the ride and get off.

Rarely seen landscapes

Finding a unique perspective is often quite hard to accomplish as from tourist coaches to guide books, there’s always someone or other who’s heard about that peaceful place right about the same time that you have. Although rafting is renowned as being fast paced it does have its restful interludes and it’s these pauses in time where you’ll get to watch the uncrowded natural world float by and experience landscapes that are far from the well beaten traveller trail. From the breathtaking Rafting on the River Neretva to the legendary Zambezi in Zimbabwe, if you’re looking for a scenic backdrop whilst undertaking extreme adventures then rafting certainly ticks all of the right boxes.

Team building adventures

Anyone who wants to get closer to their loved ones or instantly make new friends for life need look no further than an hour long white water rafting ride to weave lives together and aid spiritual and physical bonding like no other outdoor adventure activity. There’s no other look that screams ‘oh my gosh we’re actually doing this’ other than that wide eyed stare and that ear to ear grin/grimace, and if you’re looking for leaders as well as team players then rafting certainly doesn’t allow for too many passengers.

At the end of the day, just knowing what you’ve each experienced is all that’s needed to help you appreciate the spirit of adventure, and when you’re sitting around that evening camp fire or laughing at the bar with your new found best buddies, you’ll understand what’s so cool about white water rafting and never need to ask again.