Canyoning Experience

What gift to get the travel mad man in your life

Dad, brother, uncle or lover, whoever the adventure loving man in your life is, make sure you do him proud this year with a travel gift that’s really going places.

No matter where your man is heading to there’s an activity out there to suit him and from thought-provoking cultural experiences to adrenaline pumping white knuckle rides, if you’re looking for travel gift ideas for men then check out the list below and stand back and wait for the bear hug.

Travel mad men love white water rafting

Chaps like nothing more than water and speed which is why combining both is what makes white water rafting such an awesome travel gift idea for men. Buoyancy aids, helmets and fully trained instructors provide more than enough health and safety features to ensure this ride is all about the thrills rather than the spills and from fast flowing rivers to gnarly canyon courses, white water rafting is about as good as it gets.

White Water Rafting

Brewery and pub tours are perfect for dads

As men mature into more culturally aware creatures they often become more refined in their activities and if you’re looking for a travel gift that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to taste then a beer and brewery tour is bound to hit the right note. Europe offers some of the best beers in the world with the likes of Amsterdam, Brussels and London all providing quintessential watering holes for your man to wallow until his heart’s content.

Beer Tasting Experience

Is your uncle ready for zip-lining?

Nature loving gentlemen are always fond of a bit of a forage through the undergrowth so why not choose a travel gift for a man that will help them discover the natural world from a whole new perspective? Zip-lining is an absolutely awesome activity and if you want to send your uncle up a few hundred feet and careering down a cable at speeds of over 40mph then what are you waiting for?

Zip Lining

Get your travel loving man the gift of bungee jumping

Perhaps grandad isn’t going to be the man in your life who’s truly going to appreciate a travel gift revolving around bungee jumping however, if you can think of someone who will then what’s not to like? A really great idea is to leave this particular travel gift as a last minute surprise and then when your man’s away from home you can give him a call and let him in on his secret present. They’ll either love you or curse you, either way, they’ll never forget their first bungeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tinggly experiences - bungee jump

Canyoning is the ideal gift for travel mad men

If you’ve never heard of this crazy activity then perhaps it’s time you did as this is one travel gift for men that’s got rip-roaring adventure written all over it. Basically, what happens is that ‘canyoneers’ get kitted out with helmets and harnesses before following a rope up through waterfalls, over rivers and into canyons whereupon they get wet and wild as they have an amazing time. There’s no better way to say ‘this one’s on me brother’ other than to send him, quite literally, up a creek without a paddle.

Canyoning Experience

Vineyard tasting sessions for men who love to travel

Anyone wishing to find the ideal travel gift for a man need look no further than the vineyards and wine estates that can be found scattered across the sun-soaked slopes of Europe and Australasia. Peace, quiet and a bounty of ripe, juicy grapes make a wine tasting tour the ultimate in travel gifts for men and if you know a chap who prefers his vino to his hops then look no further than this little beauty to really cement your relationship.


Historical heritage trails have got ‘dad gift’ written all over them

Ancient architecture, historic forts and heritage tours all provide an abundance of attraction for men and if you’re looking for a travel gift for someone who loves his research then this sort of activity is always going to get a thumbs up from your wannabe Indiana Jones. From the ruined temples of Cambodia to the mystical monuments of the Maya, wherever your man is heading to, why not surprise him with a travel gift that’s all about the good old days.

Archeological site Chichen Itza in Mexico

Mountain trekking is the ideal travel gift for your bro

There’s no better way to put the man in your life through his paces other than on a mountain trek and if you know a brother, dad or boyfriend who just loves his Kendall mint cake then why not get him a travel gift that will really help him reach new heights. Mountain trekking is probably one of the world’s most enjoyable outdoor activities and from the misty peaks of Asia to the vast open plains of Africa, putting one foot in front of the next never fails to excite and exhaust in equal measures.

Trekking in the mountains

Send your travel loving man on a Scuba diving course

If you can remember your fella way back when he was jumping over the waves and snorkelling in the shallows on that family holiday in Cornwall then you already know just how much he’d love to try his hand at Scuba diving. This is simply an outstanding travel gift for men and if you’ve got a chap in mind who’s already an experienced diver then why not chuck him a few hours of O2 in his tank to really help him make the most of his time away from home.

Scuba Diving Experience

Jeep safaris are just the ultimate travel gift for men

The lumps, the bumps and those all-important descents are exactly why Jeep safaris are one of the very best travel gifts for men, and if your lad is getting his nomad on in the desert or hunting for wild beasts with his telephoto lens then what better means of transport than a Jeep? Lawrence of Arabia, Genghis Khan or Scott of the Antarctic, no matter what history says, you can bet your life that these adventurers would have given their high teeth to go on a Jeep safari which is why your man will love this travel gift, and you, for the rest of his life.

Driving through safari