If you’ve always wondered what lies beneath the distance that your snorkel mask and flippers will enable you to explore then isn’t it about time that you turned your hand to the wonderful world of Scuba diving?

This is one of the most exciting activities on the planet and if you’ve ever been slightly curious as to just why it gets colder on a particular section of sea or the importance of preserving our marine ecologies, then Scuba diving presents an amazing educational opportunity to find out more.

Scuba diving tenerife snorkeling experience day for beginners

However, as with any adventurous activity there are a few risks involved but if you’re prepared to stick to the rules and be sensible when it comes to safety then diving is one sure fire way to experience a side to life that many casual tourists rarely get to see.

Below is a quick guide to the pros and cons of Scuba diving and if you’re looking to get involved then read on and don’t forget to pay heed to the following quote by Jacques Cousteau as once you’ve caught the diving bug it’s very hard to get rid of.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

What’s so awesome about diving?

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There really is nothing quite as unique as learning how to Scuba dive and although you may start off your adventure in a swimming pool or within a theory centre, the next locations on the list may well be some of the most stunning on the planet.

Scuba diving is like being a child again with sunken treasures, colourful creatures and mysterious new worlds all presenting an incredible insight into what it feels like to be almost totally naïve and wondrous about the environment in which you find yourself.

Swimming is one of the best ways to keep your body fit. In the water, your whole body at work, making an experience in the water the best and most effective workout you can get.

Keeping healthy, learning how to relax and discovering your own inner strength are all essential ingredients as to why people chose to explore deep below the surface of the ocean and if you’re in any way curious then best advice is to dive right in as your only regret maybe that you didn’t start sooner.

Are there any negatives?

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As with any adventure sport or activity there are costs involved however, if you can treat Scuba diving as a skill for life then you’ll no doubt value what you learn and experience with far greater emphasis over what you have to shell out financially.

Second hand and new equipment can always be borrowed and hired in resort and makes for a much more cost effective way to dive, especially if you’re only planning on diving whilst on holiday. Lessons and trips out to sea also cost money but if you can balance your finances and save your hard earned cash then the experiential benefits always outweigh the monetary outlay.

Finally, Scuba diving can’t be learned in a day and if you’ve got thoughts of heading out to Belize or Thailand and donning an oxygen tank as soon as you’ve reached the surf then you might well want to think again. Getting to grips with breathing, learning the correct way to communicate and displaying an understanding of what to do in an emergency situation, all need to be learned over time and rushing through procedures and rules is never a good idea no matter how far you’re prepared to travel.

Final thoughts

Scuba Diving in Santorini in Greece for beginners experience day

Scuba diving is an extremely rewarding and thrilling activity that will stay with you for life. If you’ve got the time, the resources and the correct environment, then you can look forward to one surreal and mesmerising experience after the next and no matter how much it costs, one thing is for sure, the only way to find out if it’s for you is to jump in with both feet.

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