Top ten travel books to give as a romantic gift

If you love to travel then you may already realise just what a romantic and thought provoking experience this can be. Some of the world’s finest works of literature have been inspired by travel with books, such as: A Room with a View, Death on the Nile and A Passage to India, all helping to conjure up romantic visions of what it means to be exploring in foreign climes.

Top tip: travelling is all about learning through new and exciting experiences which is why it often helps to take a note book or field journal with you just so you can take down all of the wonderful things that you encounter. Although you might not be able to create a best selling novel you’ll most certainly be more inclined to remember everything that happens and be able to refer back to your adventures and experiences at a later date.

Another great item to add to your kit bag is a fictional travel book related to the country that you’re visiting. Not only will you find out a little more about the cultural nuances associated with your destination but you’ll also be able to fuel the flames of expectation too.

“I like to read fiction set in the location I’m going to. Fiction is in many ways more useful than a guidebook, because it gives you those little details, a sense of the way a place smells, an emotional sense of the place.”  Anthony Bourdain

Finally, if you’re searching for what travel gift to buy an explorer that you know then there’s nothing more romantic than a book with your name and best wishes sealed inside.

This is an awesome gift idea that never fails to encourage the reader to think of home, and if you want to discover ten of the world’s most inspirational travel books then check out the list below.


A Room with a View is a great book to read whilst travelling in Italy

E.M. Forster’s classic tale was written around the turn of the 19th century and follows the exploits of a young English woman, Lucy Honeychurch, as she travels through Italy with her forever complaining elder cousin, Charlotte Bartlett. Anyone who has plans to visit Florence or simply wishes to step back in time to an Edwardian era where travel is all about learning from the locals then this is certainly the perfect travel gift for all explorers seeking romantic enlightenment.

Death on the Nile provides plenty of promise for Egyptian explorers

One of Agatha Christie’s most famous novels was written in the 1930’s and traces the steps of world-famous detective Hercule Poirot as he boards a travel boat along the Nile in search of peace and solitude. Of course, Poirot being Poirot, trouble is never far behind and if you’re looking for a fantastic piece of fiction to pass on to your Egyptian adventurer then this will most certainly get them in the mood for intrigue and mystery.

A Passage to India is the ideal romantic gift for travel lovers

Another of Forster’s most famous fictional works was written in the 1920’s and takes place in India as the tensions between the British and the Indians reach fever-pitch prior to the country’s eventual independence. As romantic travel gifts go, A Passage to India is certainly one to be secreted with the utmost care and affection and if you know a special someone who is heading off to the eastern state of Bihar then this is an absolute must to hide in their travel bags.

Out of Africa is a travel gift essential for romantic adventurers

Written by Danish writer Baroness Blixen in the mid-30’s, Out of Africa tells the autobiographical tale of life in the plantations of Kenya. Anyone who is heading to East Africa certainly needs to pay heed to this prose as it just about sums up what life was like for both the colonial travellers and local people living and working as part of the British Empire. Although it’s a fairly dark read in places it still gives reference to a bygone age and makes for the ideal romantic travel gift for anyone planning on discovering what life was once like in comparison to the faster pace you’ll find today.

Memoirs of a Geisha is the perfect travel gift for anyone visiting Japan

Arthur Golden’s world-famous novel was first published in the late 1990’s and follows the fictional path of a Japanese geisha who is living and working in the city of Kyoto. Set against the backdrop of the second world war and making for heartbreaking reading in places, Memoirs of a Geisha is a must for anyone who wants to know more about the traditional and secretive culture of Japan, and if you’re looking for a romantic and thought provoking travel gift then this is definitely the one.

Breadfruit provides a romantic gift idea for those off to Tahiti

This is one of three novels written by Tahitian writer Célestine Vaite and follows the life of Materena Mahi who has created a humorous and engaging insight into just what it means to be a woman in modern Tahiti. The anecdotal storyline really does capture the heart and the imagination which is why this is a ‘must read’ for any old fashioned romantics hoping to travel to French Polynesia in search of sun, sea and serene silence.

Hideous Kinky is a great travel gift that captures the romance of Morocco

When you find out that this fabulous book was written by the granddaughter of none other than Sigmund Freud, you’ll already have a slight inclining as to the relationship formed between writer and reader. Esther Freud has produced a fictional novel of great wit, freedom and romance which will no doubt command all want away travellers to Marrakech to sit up and take note. This is a seriously funny and engaging book and definitely one to give as a gift for anyone visiting Morocco.

On the Road is a classically romantic travel gift that keeps on giving

Romantic works of American travel writing don’t come any more highly recommended than On the Road which is why this Kerouac classic is an essential gift for any wannabe Sal Paradises looking for inspiration from the poets of the past. Wonderful in all aspects of writing as well as providing all the idealistic and romantic notions of what it means to be young and free; there’s nothing that says go forth and experience everything that life has to offer other than this book, especially when heading to San Francisco or New York City.

A Year in Provence is  more than enough time to enjoy this romantic travel gift

As far as autobiographies go for romantic travel gifts, it’s pretty hard to beat A Year in Provence, especially when exploring the rural countryside and sublime sun-kissed settings of southern France. Written by Peter Mayle at the end of the 1980’s, this book follows the author’s first year spent in the region and takes on much of the humour, romance and distinct confusion associated with an Englishman trying to make sense of life that’s about as far from his norm as you can get.

Love in the Time of Cholera is the most romantic of travel gifts

Anyone who is heading to South America needs to take at least one book by Gabriel García Márquez and for the purposes of buying a romantic travel gift, this is certainly a great choice. Set within a fictional city, close to the Caribbean, the novel follows the tale of what it means to truly be in love and how waiting until the time is right needs just as much patience as romantic inclination. A true classic by one of Columbia’s finest offspring.

No matter which romantic travel gift you’re thinking of giving, Tinggly operate in more than 50 countries across the globe which means there’s bound to be a shaded hammock from where to kick back, relax and turn your attention to a well chosen novel.

With hundreds of travel gift experiences on offer, we’re proud to be able to add to the romance associated with travel and if you’re interested in finding out more then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Bon voyage mon cheri x

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