Find the best places in South East Asia for surfing!

For some, a holiday on the beach is meant to be a relaxing, low-energy affair. Waking up late, going to the beach and spending some quality time swinging in the hammock and drinking fresh coconut. And never break a sweat. For other crowds, laid back will never be the type of holidays to enjoy! The beach is where all the adventures begin – surfing, kite-boarding, body boarding, skimming, or wake-surfing… If you are a kite surfer or a surfer, you would definitely not stand still while feeling the breeze of the wind or looking at perfect break waves in the ocean!

Here are a few top notch destinations that none of extreme sport lovers should skip while in South East Asia:

Kite-surfing in Mui Ne, Vietnam and in deserted island Siargao, Philippines. On a clear blue day, when wind conditions are ideal, you will find Mui Ne Bay brimming with colorful kites. Steady and strong wind provides some of the best conditions on the continent for kite surfers, therefore this special stretch of 100 km coastline has become Southeast Asia’s hotspot. Meanwhile trying to find some little airspace in the crowd in Mui Ne, you could enjoy your single ride in the Siargao Island of the Philippines. Nestled in the pristine Siargo is well-known as the premier surfing destination for its first class break in the Philippines but it is also perfect for kite surfing. There are some deserted spots (located between the busy Cloud 9 and the town of General Luna) where you can enjoy your own ride in the unspoiled nature among the mangroves in crystal-clear turquoise water. Like nowhere in the world. For those ready to put down the kites, there’s always a stunning coastline to explore.

Kite-surfing in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Kite-surfing in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Kitesurfing in philippines

Wake boarding in Bangkok, Thailand and in Manila, Philippines — one of the best wake spots in the world. The minute you step off your plane and set the foot on the land of big Asian cities like Manila and Bangkok drowned in smoggy air and the beeps and buzzes, wake-boarding spots and will be a perfect antidote to the dirty capital cities. And they are just on the corner of busy city life: Thai Wake Park is ~ 20min from Bangkok center and Manila Republic wake park is close to Makati City.

Wake boarding in Bangkok, Thailand

Surfing in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia and in Palawan and Siargao, Philippines – the best spots in the world will assure the best conditions for experienced professionals as well as new babies. There are few things in life that will cause you to give up hours of your time to experience seconds of joy. Surfing is one of them. Exhausted and soaked through to every bone, you would never feel that happy ever in your life! But you need to wear a thin patience to experience those seconds of success. Nature rewards only patient ones. Why is patience so important? Because it makes us pay attention. Surfing is like form of meditation leaving you with a thoughtless mind. Be aware, that surfing could possibly bring up some inside fears of sharks, drowning, cold water and failure. Be ready to face your own fears. Also, when surfing you have to learn how to deal with the tremendous power of Mother Nature. She decides when she wants to get crazy, when she wants to play, and when she wants to sleep. In the end if rewards with physical strength, mental focus and emotional triumph.

Some of the best surf spots in South East Asia are as follows:


  • Bali
  • For beginners: Changgu Surf Spot (Batu Bolong beach), Nusa Dua (Mushroom beach), Dreamland, Serangan (close to Nusa Dua)
  • For pro: Bingin, Uluwatu,
  • Lombok:
    • For beginners: Gerupuk, Selong Belanak
    • For pro: Seger, Mawi, Mawun, Tanjung An, Air Guling, Gili Air/ Trawangan


  • El Nido, Palawan
    • For all level of surfers: Duli Beach, Nacpan Beach
  • Siargao Island:
    • For beginners: Daku island, Stimpy’s
    • For pro: Cloud Nine, Stimpy’s, Rock Island, Samar, Jacking Horse

top places to surf in south east asia

Surf’s up!

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