Top Gifts for Newlyweds in 2018

The wedding invitation comes in the mail, you send in the save the date and a few weeks before the wedding you remember to buy a gift. The classic gifts come to mind but you always find yourself trying to be unique, but end up going for the classic gifts on the registrar. Blenders, Salt & Pepper Shakers and other things that will be used once or twice a year.cayton-heath-60402-unsplash When it comes to giving gifts to newlyweds, we often forget to give the couple something to keep their marriage exciting. We end up scrolling through endless websites to find a mediocre gift that they will potentially stop using or forget within a year or two. While material goods bring short term happiness, something to play with and/or marvel over those things often fade away.rob-bye-38116-unsplashTinggly believes that the most important gifts are the ones that turn into stories. These gifts are some of the world’s best experiences. Why give someone something they can lose when you can give a gift that gives the recipient the freedom to choose. The freedom to choose from hundreds of the best gift experiences in one gift box. With these gift boxes you also have 2 years to travel. They can use their Tinggly gift on their honeymoon, or on a spontaneous couples weekend.

Here are a few experience ideas included in the Tinggly Wedding gift box, and the Time Together gift box for the newly wedded couple.

1. Gifts for the adventurous newlywed couple

If the couple who is getting married is the type of people who love to spice things up, get their blood pumping and get out in nature here are a few adventurous experiences for the couple who loves to do something different.

2. Gifts for the newlywed couple who are food and wine lovers

Many couples love to be social, explore new restaurants, and of course, try new wines together. As couples grow older together, they love to experience the finer things in life which is why a gastronomic experience is a great choice for them. Here are some of our favorites around the world:

3. Gifts for the newlywed couple who wants to learn something new 

Some couples want to start their marriage off by bonding over new hobby’s and interests. From diving, cooking classes or learning how to make your own beer the world has so many experiences for newlyweds to learn something new together.

4. Gifts for the newlywed couple who seeks to “take the plunge” 

While some people have the urge to fly, others have the urge to dive. These are the perfect gifts for newlyweds those who love to explore life beyond the land.

5. Gifts for Having fun together

The most important thing about a gift is the ability to spend time together. If this new couple leads a busy life, why not gift an experience that will enable you to share memories for the rest of their life? These are great gift options newlyweds while still being able to get closer together.

In all, there is so much to see in this world which is why we believe in giving gifts that enable one to tell stories for a lifetime versus investing in something that will last for only a few months.

Still unclear how Tinggly works?

The buyer chooses a certain collection to gift to their friend, family or loved one (For example: Time Together, Perfect for Him, Perfect for Her, Premium collection, etc.) . The recipient of the gift browses the hundreds of experiences from all around the world and chooses the one that is perfect for them. You then redeem your experience online and our team will book you in. Then, the recipient has a story and experience to remember for a lifetime.