Ten of the most romantic gift ideas for men and women

If you’re searching for a gift that’s every bit as romantic as you are then sometimes it can seem like a never ending quest. Bouquets of flowers, fine dining restaurants and evenings spent enjoying a show are all perfectly reasonable gift ideas however, if you can delve a little deeper into what constitutes a truly romantic gift to remember then the results are often a joy to behold.

To get yourself into the correct thought process as to what romantic gifts pose real value you have to be able to listen to what experience tells you. The moments that make you laugh, the memories you hold dear and those times that you just love to retell again and again.

These are the gifts that keep on giving and if you’re looking to present your nearest and dearest with a gift that’s all about the experience rather than the material then read on for the all time top ten romantic moments around today.

Yachts and champers provide the perfect recipe for romance

Romantic gifts always start with how you can make the recipient feel as special as possible and what better way is there to administer the VIP treatment than with champagne on-board a yacht? No matter where you travel to there’s just something about sipping a chilled glass of bubbly that screams romance and if your gift idea has got lapping ocean waves, an endless sunset and sun kissed decking then you’re certainly on the right route to success.


Take your romantic gift to new heights on a balloon flight

If you don’t fancy spoiling your partner with champagne on-board a boat then why not opt for a balloon ride instead? Floating effortlessly over a warm breeze is always going to fuel the fires of passion and from sunrise to sunset, there’s no finer romantic gift than hitting the high life in a hot air balloon built for two or maybe three, if you count the pilot.

Air Balloon Experience

How romantic gifts can get you all hot and steamy

Getting all romantic on your travels doesn’t have to always involve champagne and roses as there are plenty of pleasures lying in wait within the realms of a therapeutic spa. Couples treatments, aromatherapy oils and just the chance to flatten out and let someone else rub and massage away your cares, if you’re looking for a romantic travel gift then spa days always reach the right spot.

Gondolas are a great gift for old fashioned romantics

There’s just something about Italy that’s got romance running through its core and from the fine art of Florence to the beautiful buildings of Rome, if you’re looking for love as you travel then la dolce vita should never be too far from your thoughts. Without doubt one of the most romantic gift ideas for travellers has to be a gondola ride in Venice and if you’re planning on popping an ‘oh-so-important’ question then this is one river ride that neither of you are ever going to forget.

Wherever there’s wine, romance is never far behind

Aside from supping champers on-board a luxury yacht or during a hot air balloon flight, there’s much more to this little tipple than meets the eye. A great way to find out more about champagne, as well as all manner of other wines, is to visit a vineyard and if you’re hoping to find a romantic gift idea for someone who loves to travel then a tasting tour of a wine estate has got special occasion splashed all over it.

A man holding grapes

Why kayaking is a truly romantic gift idea

Looking for romantic gifts sometimes needs a tad more thought than you might at first envisage and if you’ve got the ability to conjure up a moment that will be remembered for many years to come then you’re certainly starting off on the right foot. Kayaking is just one of those activities that you’ll never forget, and planning your gift to coincide with the setting sun or with a passing pod of dolphins certainly won’t do any harm when it comes to setting the scene for the night ahead.

canoeing experience

A romantic gift should always be given in Paris

There are few more romantic cities other than Paris and when your other half hears that you’ve organised a gift experience that incorporates a stroll along the Seine followed by an evening at the world-famous Moulin Rouge then what better way to say je t’aime? Paris and romance always wander arm in arm and there’s no finer gift idea to set passions and taste buds racing with desire.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

How a helicopter can help in your quest for romance

Buzzing over gorges, sweeping through valleys and hovering over some of the world’s most electrifying cities, there’s nothing life a helicopter ride to create a truly romantic and memorable moment. This is one romantic gift for both men and women to enjoy which is why if you’re stuck for ideas then it always pays to keep both of your heads fixed firmly within the clouds.

City from above

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most romantic gifts

If there’s a more stunning natural light display than the Aurora Borealis then we’ve yet to find it and if you fancy getting all snugly and romantic as you wait for the Northern Lights then those wonderful home fires will be burning brightly no matter what the time of year. There’s just something intrinsically fascinating about watching the swirling greens, pinks and purples float overhead and if you’re looking for romantic gifts to remember then surely this has to cap the lot.

Northern Lights

Sometimes finding a romantic gift can mean a bit of a trek

All that bracing mountain air and lush green pastures never fail to inspire a spot of romance and if you’ve got a partner who loves to get outdoors when they travel then a good old fashioned trek never fails to put a smile on their face. The most romantic gifts are often the most simplistic and from packing a picnic to asking for a hand on a hillside, there’s no better way to enjoy each other’s company than half way up a mountain slope surrounded by flowers and marmots.

Trekking in the mountains

Here at Tinggly we’re delighted to be able to spread a little romance around the world with our wondrous assortment of gift ideas and inspirational activities. We’ve got hundreds of experiences to choose from and if you’ve got a partner who would just love to indulge in a little romance whilst on their travels then why not give them a gift that’s got their name lip-stick smudged all over it.