The world is beginning to wise up to the idea that healthy bee populations are key to human survival. No bees no pollination, no pollination no plants, no plants no food. It really is that simple. What more important, and cool, gift could you give someone than the exclusive Tinggly Ultimate 2-night beekeeping course in
Name ten well-known movies set in the US city of San Francisco? If you can do that without scratching your head, this is probably the tour you’ve dreamed about. As part of the Tinggly ‘Premium Collection’ of gift experiences, this San Franscisco Movie Sights tour is waiting to give you the inside story on the
With the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan between September 20th and October 2nd, Tinggly is proud to highlight an authentic Japanese cultural experience, the Last Samurai Tour in the buzzing city of Kyoto. As part of the family of Tinggly experience gifts, the Last Samurai Tour is sure to give the recipient a
Here at Tinggly, we regularly try to highlight one amazing experience from across our something-for-everyone gift box collections. This week it’s the turn of the ‘Ultimate Collection’ gift box and an unforgettable scenic flight to the summit of Mount Everest. Not everyone will get the opportunity to make it to the summit of Mount Everest,