Surprise romantic gifts to kick start your travels

As if heading off on your travels wasn’t romantic enough, imagine waking up to find that your partner’s only gone and got you a gift that you weren’t expecting. These sorts of surprise gifts are what makes being in a relationship great and if you can introduce a spot of romance into your travel plans then there’s no better way to have fun as you explore the world together.

But if you’re scratching your head as to what on earth you could pack into your rucksack or suitcase to surprise your special travelling companion on tour then, don’t worry, help is at hand.

Romantic travel experience gifts don’t have to be wrapped and secreted away from prying eyes. Oh no! These days you can purchase an awesome adventure that you can both enjoy in resort, and from massages and candle-lit suppers to watching waterfalls and romantic strolls, there are no end of surprises in store if you’re prepared to think big when it comes to gift giving.

Below are a few amazing romantic travel gift ideas to set your loved one’s pulse racing and even if you’re not heading off on this particular experience with them, this is a great chance to show your adventuring other half just how much you’re missing them while they’re away from home.

Following in romantic footsteps is the perfect travel gift idea

If you’re looking for a travel gift that begs to inspire then why not consider walking your loved one arm in arm through the hallowed halls of some of the world’s most romantic settings? India’s Taj Mahal, Rome’s Eternal City and the palatial citadels of St Petersburg, are amongst some of the most awe-inspiring structures on the planet and guaranteed to take the breath away especially when presented as a lovingly hidden, surprise package.

Taj Mahal, India

Food provides an ideal accompaniment to romantic travels

Food is always going to put you in mind of amore and if there’s a romantic surprise gift to give whilst on your travels together then it has to be a well chosen cooking course. Imagine the pair of you working elbow to elbow in a kitchen under the watchful tutelage of an expert chef? It won’t take long for those smells and tasty titbits to work their magic as you relax, laugh and indulge in a banquet of opportunities for making the most of your travels abroad.

Cooking Class Experience

Life on-board a houseboat is all about the gift of travel

Anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to stay over night on a house boat will no doubt tell you just how romantic it is to get snuggled down and listen to the gentle lapping of the water as you slowly drift off to sleep in each other’s arms. This is a super surprise for anyone who favours romance over luxury and although things might be slightly cramped, that’s all the more reason to get excited about this travel gift especially if it comes attached with an early morning breakfast up on deck.


A night at the opera is a totally romantic travel gift idea

Is there any other surprise gift that really sets the world alight whilst travelling other than a romantic night at the opera? Of course, any kind of live performance will spark off more than its fair share of passionate flames. However, if you want to do things right then getting a gift that involves chucking on your glad rags and really doing things in style has to be up there with the best of them. Paris, London, Sydney, you name it and there’s a VIP venue that’s got romance running right through it.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Island hopping presents the perfect romantic interlude for travel lovers

Imagine taking your partner by the hand and walking them to a bobbing speedboat that’s waiting to whisk them away on an exotic island hopping trip far from the sunburned tourists crowding the beach. Nothing beats a surprise travel gift that’s all about getting away from it all and if you can combine a champagne lunch as well as a spot of diving then who knows where the mood might take you come the end of yet another perfect day in paradise.

Island hopping. El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines

Share your romantic travel gift with the locals

Although staying in a humble abode might not at first seem like the most romantic of travel gifts you might well be surprised how this sort of experience can start to take shape. Sharing stories around the campfire, playing with the kids before bedtime and beginning to understand just what it means to live self-sufficiently far from the trappings of the modern world. There are plenty of alternative experiences where meeting local people presents a side to life that is full of surprises.

Getting cosy in the snow is a completely romantic travel gift

Often our first thoughts of romantic travel locations start and end with a white sand beach and plenty of sunshine however, it doesn’t always have to be the case. North European countries, such as Finland and Iceland, offer some of the most intrinsically beautiful landscapes and natural sights than you can ever imagine and although things may get slightly chilly at night there’s much to be said for getting all warm and snug by the fire after a surprise evening spent watching the lights.

Northern Lights

Why whale watching is all about the romance

Just as you thought your travel experience couldn’t get any better, your partner surprises you with a gift to end all others. Taking a cruise to watch basking whales and playful dolphins has got romance written all over it and if you fancy donning a chunky jumper and whistling the theme to Titanic as the sun sets then all the better. There’s just something so beautiful about observing marine animals in their natural environment and if you’re looking for a romantic travel gift then what better way to spend the day than in the arms of the one you love the best.

Whale watching

Fly me to the moon on a big old hot air balloon

An early morning start signals to your partner that something special might be in store and no sooner than they’ve caught their first glimpse of that towering balloon then they’ll be smothering you in kisses and leaping around with joy. This is one of the ultimate in romantic gestures and as you both soar above the villages, plains and animals far below you can rest assured of at least a couple of hour’s peace from where to contemplate life, the universe and each other’s company.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A sunset spent kayaking is a travel gift worth savouring

Paddling slowly out into the ocean always sets the scene for one of my personal favourite romantic surprise gifts and no matter where you are in the world, as long as you’re in the mood to let your mind drift as you float then the chances are that you’ll both remember a kayak trip at sun down for many more years to come. Restful, meditative and just an enjoyable time spent bobbing about on the water, kayaking is definitely one way to enjoy each other’s company and definitely a surprise gift that captures both the heart and the imagination.

Young lady paddling the kayak

Here at Tinggly we’re proud to fuel the flames of love across the globe and if you’re looking for a romantic travel gift to give to your partner as a surprise then we’ve got hundreds of ideas to help get you started. Come on, what are you waiting for?


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