Road trip experience

Meet our new experience partners

Dream Big Travel Far is made up of a far-thinking, travel-addicted couple – Cazzy and Bradley – who shredded the rule book and hit the road in search of discovery and adventure. 

Scandinavia road trip

Their idea of living life to the full is based on the continuous pursuit of experiences. And guess what? That’s Tinggly’s goal too.

The Ultimate Scandinavia Road Trip

At Tinggly, every gift we have to offer is a real-life experience – white water rafting, sundowners on the plains of Africa, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, discovering micro-breweries in downtown New York, or being pampered in a spa in Spanish Andalucia. Every one of them, a life-enhancing experience.

Some time back, we had the pleasure of hosting Cazzy and Bradley in the Vilnius ‘Tinggly Blogger House’ where we discovered just how much we have in common. That first meeting is the reason behind why they are at present crossing the snow-covered roof of the world in the Tinggly Blogger House 2.0 – or more accurately, the Tinggly Blogger Van.

Drive around Scandinavia

The only unfortunate thing about the Tinggly Blogger House in Vilnius, Lithuania, is that it can’t go anywhere (but what a great place to be based). That’s why the Tinggly Blogger Van was born, and we’re honored to have the dynamic duo of Dream Big Travel Far as its first occupants.

Their goal is a mammoth 11-week adventure driving through 9 countries, covering more than 14,000 Km, and taking in some of the world’s most amazing experiences. 

Their route began in Lithuania, across the Baltic states before heading north to Finland, Norway, then south through Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, before turning east towards Poland and back to where the whole adventure began, Vilnius.

Adventure in Scandinavia

On their mega-adventure the plan to include some really first-class experiences:

  • Staying in an Arctic igloo in Lapland
  • Meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus at their home in the Santa Claus village
  • Sledding with huskies
  • Witnessing the Northern Lights first-hand
  • Driving the beauty of the Norwegian fjords
  • Catching up with the Christmas markets in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, and Vilnius.

And a whole lot more. What an adventure!