Each week at Tinggly, we select one experience to highlight from across our complete gift box collections. This week it’s the turn of the ‘Fun Together’ gift box and the beautifully romantic experience of a Private Gondola Ride in Venice for Two.

The very epitome of romance, a private gondola ride for two through Venice’s historic waterways.

This unforgettable and much sought-after Venetian tour, from the Tinggly ‘Fun Together’ gift box, is one of the most popular experiences with couples from all over the world. And it’s easy to understand why.

You and your partner will step on board a classic Venetian gondola in front of the stunning Baroque facade of the Campo San Moisè – one of Venice’s architectural highlights and a church with origins dating back to the 8th-century. From this memorable starting-point, your gondolier will treat you and your partner to a tour of some of Venice’s most notable and historic sights. Just the two of you, and your stripe-shirted gondolier, on a private tour of what is commonly regarded as the world’s heart of romance.

On this compact but unforgettable tour of the City of the Doges – the elected chiefs of state in many Italian city-states from the medieval period right through the renaissance – you might catch sight of the Palazzo Barbaro, one of the least changed palaces throughout the entire city.

On your journey along the famous Grand Canal your gondolier may point out the Ca’ D’Oro, the 13th century home of the Contarini family who provided the city-state with no less than eight Doges, or the 18th-century Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, home to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of art. 

As you drift beneath ancient bridges, past monumental piazzas, admiring the unforgettable architecture, your gondolier will give you a little background on the sights – but not too much as he doesn’t want to ruin your magical romantic moment.

Why not bring a blanket and a bottle of champagne to really enhance the whole experience in one of the world’s most romantic cities.

When you give a Tinggly gift experience as a present, you can be assured that you have given a gift that will add to the quality of the recipient’s experiences. Not only when the gift is experienced in reality, but every time those experiences are recalled in memory and story.

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