Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag – Leaving

“Stuff it, I’m going to do what I want!” No it’s not a Miley Cyrus lyric, it’s what was running through my head when I decided to go travel. At the time I was living in London, working an interesting, well paid job while living with an incredible girlfriend. But something was wrong, I wasn’t happy. I knew there was a huge world out there to explore and I had already spent 24 years, nearly a quarter of my life, living on a rainy cold island with extortionate rent prices.

I don’t think there is ever a good time to travel, you have to make sacrifices and difficult decisions. For me this was leaving my job and breaking up with my girlfriend. Both very hard choices, which I questioned many times. However once made I knew in my gut that I was doing the right thing. I started to plan my travels and felt a rush of excitement, this was an emotion that I hadn’t experienced for far too long. I was nervous and exhilarated, I was about to venture into the unknown and I was doing it alone!

Most travellers have huge, massive bags with oodles of things in them. I was determined to travel light and decided to take only a small rucksack, the type that you can fly with as hand luggage. If something couldn’t fit in the bag, it wasn’t coming with me. After about 7 attempts I had it sorted and my bag was packed with:

Two changes of clothes – yes I am often smelly.

GoPro and accessories – such a cool toy.

Bose Headphones – hubahuba I love them.

Mac Air – risky but necessary.

Game of Thrones Book One – a bulky treat, books don’t get flat batteries!

First Aid Kit – essential.

Black and Red Journal.

Iphone – for music, audio books and instead of taking a DSLR.

That was it! All my other worldly possessions were packed up in a couple of boxes at my parents house. This was what I would have for the next who knows how long! I rushed around Edinburgh saying bye to friends, then headed down to London to say cheerio to some chums. I frantically tried to organize yellow fever and typhoid injections the day before I flew but couldn’t get them done in time! Then, before I knew what was what, I was on the Piccadilly line to London Heathrow about to embark on an 11 hour flight to sunny California. It was time for the adventures to begin…