How to choose the perfect leaving gift

Saying goodbye to someone is a lot easier when you’ve got them a great gift to see them on their way and let them know they’ll be missed. But how do you choose an appropriate gift for a friend or colleague that’s on their way out the door? It all depends on the reason they’re leaving, and where they’re going next…

Leaving gift ideas for people taking a new job

Provided of course that your colleague or employee is leaving on good terms with the company, it’s nice to get them a parting gift. That’s especially the case if they’ve been with you for a while and have done good work for the company.

Gourmet Gifts

You can buy someone a hamper of delectable foods, or if you have the time and inclination, put one together yourself. Alternatively, you often can’t go wrong with just a bottle of fine wine or champagne.

Fountain Pen 

It doesn’t even matter if they don’t tend to use a pen much while at work, a handsome fountain pen is a very classy gift to give to someone, male or female. For a little extra flourish you can even have it engraved, perhaps with their start and leaving date, or a personalised message.

Surprise Party

Nothing says “we’re going to miss you” better than throwing someone a party. A step up from leaving drinks at the local pub, a surprise party takes some effort to arrange but is a sure-fire way to ensure they remember you fondly.

Gift Vouchers

Experience vouchers such as those we offer here at Tinggly make for excellent corporate gift ideas. Presented in a sleek black box, you can slip it onto someone’s desk on their last day, and watch their face light up.

Leaving gift ideas for retirement 

If you have a valued employee or colleague that is retiring soon then you can easily find them a great retirement gift, assuming you know what they plan to do with their spare time. A lot of people choose to take up new hobbies, see the world a little, or just work around the house, so try these retirement present ideas on for size.

Personalised Golf Set

Spending more time on the golf course is a common aim for many retirees. A set of personalised golf balls, tees or even a new club is a fantastic way to let them remember you as they make their way around the greens.

Gardening Equipment 

Perfect for green-fingered types that want to spend their retirement pottering around the garden, a new set of gardening equipment is the best way to get days of post-employment started. You’ll envy them when it’s sunny, and drink a toast to them when it’s chucking down with rain.

Cruise gifts 

A lot of people will think about booking a cruise holiday as retirement approaches, to the point that many cruise companies now operate retiree-only voyages. There is a variety of suitable gifts for cruise travellers available, from insulated mugs to keep their cocktails cool by the pool or while strolling the decks, to colourful beach towels. Some cruise lines also offer gift cards that can be spent while onboard.

Experience Gifts

Unfortunately some people can be a little lost when they enter retirement, especially if they’ve worked for the same company for a long time. When your normal routine is completely disrupted it can take time to adjust. Tinggly gift experiences can help people to find and develop new hobbies or interests, and as such make for fantastic retirement gift ideas.

Leaving gift ideas for travellers

Plenty of people choose to take a career break for a while to broaden their horizons or volunteer. It can be useful for finding new motivation, and developing new skills and interests. As with retirement, knowing a little about the person’s plans can be useful when choosing a gift, but here’s a few reliable ideas.


A portable tablet that can be loaded up with 100s of good books and podcasts is invaluable to today’s travellers. Lightweight, robust and easy to use, an e-reader such as an Amazon Kindle fits in a backpack or a coat pocket and can provide many hours of entertainment on the road.

Travel gifts

If you know where they’re headed off to, consider a nice framed map of their destination that they can put on the wall. If not, an engraved compass makes for a unique travel gift idea too. Looking for something a little more practical? Why not try a stylish leather passport cover, or even a lightweight travel hammock so they can relax wherever they find a couple of trees.


It goes without saying of course that Tinggly experiences make the perfect gifts for travellers. Whatever their interests, wherever they’re headed in the world there is always going to be something in our collection that will wow them. It’s the best way to dig a little deeper into new destinations and make travel as fun as possible.