Great ideas for truly unique travel gifts

The chance to travel and visit new countries is what life’s all about and if you’ve got a list of locations that you’d just love to experience then believe you me, you’re not alone.

Africa, America, Asia, you name it and these continents contain a wealth of cultural and adventurous activities, and if you’re hoping to get out and explore then what you take with you can often make all the difference.

From favourite pillows and fluffy bunnies, to maps and hiking boots, packing your rucksack or suitcase with essential pieces of kit is all part and parcel of preparing for the journey ahead.

Finding something for the traveller in your family to take on their next trip is definitely a wonderful idea however, if you’re looking for a really unique gift, why not consider thinking just that little bit outside of the traditional travel box.

Organising an exciting activity for your travel loving friend to do whilst away from home is just the perfect way to help them get into the swing of things as well as reminding them just how special you think they are.

Below are just a few examples of experiential travel gifts that can be enjoyed around the world, and if you’ve been asked for ideas as to what you would like as a going away gift then you might want to take note of some of these awesome options for yourself.

What to buy your travel loving boyfriend

If your boyfriend has decided that he fancies seeing the world then finding an appropriate gift is always going to require just that extra bit of thought. No matter where he’s going or how long he’s going for, giving him something to remember you by is always a good idea and if you’re not looking for a pillow with your face printed on it then how about something he’d really enjoy. White water rafting, zip-lining or a tour in Asia, if your boyfriend is off on his travels then these are just some of the awesome experiences that will remind who’s waiting for him back home.


Unique travel gifts for girlfriends

Having a girlfriend who likes to travel is definitely a quality to be celebrated and if your significant other is contemplating yet another trip around the globe then finding her a gift to capture her mood is never going to fail to resonate on so many levels. Cooking courses, spa days and Scuba diving lessons are just three of myriad amazing experiences that tell your girlfriend that you love her, and if you’re starting to get itchy feet yourself then why not go with her next time so you can find out what all the fuss is about.

Does your dad deserve a unique travel gift?

Fathers’ Day isn’t too far away and if you’ve got a dad who’s into travelling then why not give him something he’d really want this year. History tours, island hopping cruises and trips to some of the world’s most fascinating archaeological sites are all available to the dad who has everything, and if you’re searching for a present that’s just as special as your old man then why not push the boat out and get him a unique travel gift that he’s going to cherish forever.

The Colosseum

Unique travel gift ideas for mums

There isn’t a mum in the world that doesn’t like a good pampering and if your ma’s off on her travels this year, why not get her something that will help her to relax whilst she’s away. Boat cruises with bubbly, chocolate walking tours and experiencing the northern lights, are just a few of the experiential gifts that you can get your travel loving mother and if you’re wishing to really show your appreciation then there’s no better way to say ‘good on ya mum!’ than with a totally unique travel gift.

Unique travel gifts for men

Having a man buddy is all about making sure they’re safe, secure and having the best time possible which is why if your mate’s off on his travels, buying him a gift that really tells him that you care is always going to make you numero uno when it comes to being their favourite chum. Canyoning, bungee jumping and zip-lining are all awesome activities for your male mate to get his teeth into and no matter where in the world he’s heading off to, finding something unique for him to do on tour is always going to put a smile on that big lump’s face.

canoeing experience

What women want from a travel gift

There’s just something about having a best friend forever that sets women aside from their male counterparts and if you’ve got a bff that’s into her travelling then why not get her an extra special gift to tell her that you’re thinking about her whilst she’s away. Afternoon teas, speedboat rides and a day spent at a thermal spa would all be more than enough to have your mate weeping with joy and if you’ve got plans to really surprise her then stowing away in that suitcase is always a super fabulous option.

Beautiful brunette woman on the beach alone relaxing in a hat. S

Travel gifts for brothers have to be unique

Younger or older, horrid or lovely, whatever category your bro falls into, it’s always a bit emotional watching them go away for the first time. Finding a travel gift that’s as unique as they are can be an equally problematic experience and if you’re searching for something special then why not consider an activity for them to do in resort? Bobsleigh rides, brewery visits or good old fashioned white water rafting, whatever you think will float your brother’s boat, do them a favour and wish them bon voyage in style.


How to tell your sis that she’ll be missed

She’s been the best and the worst thing in your life since the day you were born and now she’s all grown up and set to travel the world there’s no way that you’re going to admit that you might actually miss your sis. However, as you hold back the tears and fight the will to give her a massive hug there is one way to tell your sibling that you actually do care and that’s to get her a unique travel gift that she’ll be really stoked to receive. Bungee jumping, diving with sharks or trekking tours through a jungle, whatever makes your sister think of you and smile while she’s away, bite the bullet brother and tell her that you love her.