Great gift ideas for travel lovers

You know that wonderful person in your life that just loves to get out there and see the world and practically can’t stay in one place for five minutes without getting itchy feet?

Yeah that guy or gal is simply the best and if you’re looking for travel gift ideas that you know are really going to hit the right spot then below are ten awesome options to whet your inspirational appetite.

Mum, dad, boyfriend or girlfriend, whoever you have in mind, finding the right gift is always going to be a tricky task however, if you can pick wisely and choose well then you can rest assured that they’ll love you forever no matter where they’re heading off to next.

What to buy your travel loving boyfriend?

If you’ve got a boyfriend who just loves to take things with a heavy dose of adrenaline then why not consider getting him some zip-wire time in the country of his choice? This is just an amazing experience that never fails to excite, and if you think your boyfriend would love to zip-line in Nepal, El Salvador or the Rocky Mountains then this is one idea that’s got happy chappy stamped all over it.

Zip Lining

Great travel gift ideas for girlfriends

Show me the woman who doesn’t appreciate the occasional chocolate and I’ll be more than happy to eat my words as this tasty treat is never going to fail to hit the mark no matter how much she may plead otherwise. One such experience that manages to combine travel and chocolate provides a superb gift idea for girlfriends and if you can keep a secret whilst you whisk your partner off to London or Brussels then a chocolate tour for two is about as ideal as you can get.

Making cholotate

Don’t forget to get dad a travel gift!

Poor old dad always seems to get lumbered with the same old socks, wallets or multi-functional tools as gifts and if you’re the offspring of a dad that loves to travel then why not push the boat out and get him something that will really put a smile on his face. A beer walking tour around Amsterdam is never going to fail to impress and there’s no better way to tell the old man that you love him other than sending him off to sample some of the Europe’s best brews.


Mums love travel gifts too

Finding a gift for your mum doesn’t have to limit you to a basket load of smellies or an abundance of aromatherapy oils and if your mother loves to travel then she’ll surely relish the idea of a boat ride and all the trimmings. Imagine the look on your ma’s face when you present her with the chance to take champagne on a yacht in New York or listen to a jazz band on the Mississippi. There’s not going to be a dry eye in the house when she realises what you’ve done for her, so just make sure she’s sitting comfortably before you make your announcement.

Yacht Cruise

Why not consider a travel gift for your fiance?

Finding the person that you love can often be a long and winding road but ultimately a rewarding one and if ever there was an ideal travel gift for a fiance then sending them on a full tilt white water rafting trip has to be it! Paddles up, grin locked and the adventure begins, and if you’ve got a fiance that just loves a spot of adventure then why not get them a gift that will keep them excited for many more years to come.

White Water Rafting Experience

Where would your wife love to travel to?

If ever there was a more problematic person to buy for then it’s usually your better half. ‘Don’t worry about getting me anything this year’ or ‘just get me something small’ are both statements that I’ve taken at face value before and lived to regret it come the big day. Do not, by any stretch of the imagination, take your wife literally when she asks for a gift of socks! Go out of your way to amaze with a spa massage in Zanzibar or a gondola ride in Venice as believe you me, if you’re looking for a surprise travel gift for your wife then she is the last person you want to listen to.

Gondola Ride in Venice

How to make your travel loving husband happy?

Remember that one time world traveller who would stop at nothing in his quest for enlightenment and adventure? Well he still exists deep within your husband and although he might be slightly fonder of putting his feet up with a beer and watching the football, that wandering spirit still embodies his soul and it’s up to the best thing in his life to ease it out. Trekking in India, the pyramids of Egypt or experiencing the volcanic landscapes of Costa Rica, whatever travel gift you know will get your husband excited, it’s up to you to make things happen!

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Awesome aunts deserve the best travel gifts

She’s bored of books, had it up to here with hats and got more make-up than a Bangkok theatre, if you’re looking for travel gifts for your aunt then make sure you do your homework and really watch her face light up when it comes to the grand unwrapping. Island cruises, dance classes or taking in a night at the Moulin Rouge, if you’ve got an auntie that just loves to travel then make sure you do her proud with a gift that’s really going places.

Dancing couple

Uber cool travel gift ideas for uncles!

These mystical creatures have long been associated with adventures and excitement although the more you get to know them, the more they tend to resemble heffalumps as opposed to heroes. The best way to coax an uncle back to his former glory is to tempt him with a travel gift and if you can choose something that’s got beer, adventure and the chance to indulge in his latest box set, then what’s not to like? Any uncle that loves Game of Thrones is going to be made up with a trip to Croatia as from fantasies to fortresses this place leaves nothing unturned when it comes to rewarding an all-time awesome uncle.

Dubrovnik Oldtown