No matter where you go in the world there’s always a different means of getting around, albeit driving a car yourself or getting a ride on a rickshaw. Transportation makes the experience all the more memorable and if you’ve got plans to make the most of your time away from home then it’s often how you get to your destination that produces the most enjoyment.

I can clearly remember my first ever tuk tuk ride in Bangkok and although my wonderful driver insisted on taking me to every clothing and jewellery outlet known to man, I remember the ride like it was yesterday and wouldn’t change a thing, even that silky tie that I ended up buying.

If you fancy hopping on and off a crazy mode of transport whilst on your travels then check out the examples below and remember the wise words of Drake as: ‘Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.’


Traditional rickshaws involve a man holding two long poles which are attached to a cart with a seat. Originally seen in Japan, and later China, this mode of transport has somewhat died out due to the advent of cycle and motorised versions however, you can still find the occasional rickshaw driver around today, with London being one of many capitals seeing a resurgence amongst the busy streets.

Japan ricksha


Commonly found in Southeast Asia and resembling a cross between an old fashioned rickshaw and a bicycle, cyclos are one of the fastest means of getting around town and aren’t quite as kind on your behind as they are on the environment. Remember that your cyclo driver will really be put through their paces so tip well and try not to overload them with heavy luggage or extra passengers.

A cyclo

Tuk Tuks

Love them or hate them, these motorised rickshaws aren’t going away any time soon and from the streets of Bangkok to the towns of Tanzania, jumping on-board a tuk tuk is always an affordable and exciting way to get yourself out and about. Often known for their crazy drivers who hardly ever sleep and paint their vans bright and lurid colours, tuk tuks have attracted more than their fair share of negative press so only use them if you’re feeling brave or in the mood for excitement.

Tuk Tuk in Thailand


I remember the first camel that I rode was in Lanzarote and although it was a fairly normal mode of transport for the locals, to me it was one of the most exciting experiences I’d ever had. These days, riding by camel still represents a unique and practical means of seeing a location from a unique perspective and from Morocco to the Middle East, if you’re looking for a desert adventure then surely there’s only one question still to ask: one hump or two?

 a camel of a Bedouin man in the Judean Desert, Palestine, Israel.

Bamboo rafts

They may not at first glance appear to be all that safe but if you’re hoping to go down stream using a traditional mode of transport then there’s nothing better than a bamboo raft to set the pulse and the imagination racing. A great alternative to inflatable versions and also an ideal means of navigating jungle waterways, bamboo rafts can be found throughout Asia and make for an authentic and environmentally friendly way of experiencing life on the river.

Chinese man fishing

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