Advice for camping with children

February 12, 2015

Later this year will see my first visit to somewhere I’ve always dreamed about visiting, Yellowstone National Park. I can’t wait to hit the trails, exploring this extraordinary diverse ecosystem, walking past the iconic geysers and maybe even catching sight of bears, preferably quite far in the distance. This trip will also involve another first…

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10 amazing facts about space exploration

February 9, 2015

It’s now over 50 years since the Soviet Union first put a man, Yuri Gagarin, into space, and the 50 year anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon in 1969 is approaching. Over the last five decades there have been huge advances in the field of space travel, with probes being landed on moving…

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How to fight off a shark

February 8, 2015

The National Geographic reckons that in 1996, 13 people were injured by sharks. In contrast,  more than 40,000 Americans  were injured by their toilet. Which is a funny statistic to bring out at a dinner party, but probably not the first thing that will flash through your mind if you ever happen to come face…

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Shaken, not stirred: Travel like 007

February 5, 2015

Star of the world’s longest-running film series, and showing no signs of retiring from service any time soon, James Bond captured the imagination of the cinema-going public with Dr No  in 1962, and has never let go. A combination of sex appeal; fast-paced action; exotic locations such as  Phang Nga Bay , featured in The…

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Why you should hire a campervan for your next holiday

January 27, 2015

All my life I’ve been on the move. My Dad was an RAF technician, and we would frequently switch between different bases when I was young, giving me quite a disjointed childhood and education, but also an ability to adapt to new environments quickly and easily. After I left school I spent a few years…

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